Sweet Pea

April Birthflower

Good Witches Homestead

COMMON NAME:  sweet pea
GENUS:  Lathyrus
SPECIES:  L. odoratus {annual}
                 L. latifolius {perennial}
FAMILY:  Leguminosae
BLOOMS: early spring
TYPE: annual or perennial
DESCRIPTION: The pastel blossoms of sweet pea come in a lovely array of hues including nearly every color except yellow. Their growth habit varies from creeping to bushy, and their height varies accordingly from 1 to 5 feet. Dainty and fragrant, sweet peas are a welcome sight in spring.
CULTIVATION: Annual varieties of the sweet pea will bloom best if given well-drained soil rich in humus, full sun, and regular watering. Plant seeds in very early spring, as soon as the ground can be worked, for spring blooms. For a climbing type, be sure to supply a trellis or other means of support. Perennial sweet peas are not nearly as exacting in their cultural needs and will survive…

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