Crystals, being born of the earth, are not only useful in healing body and mind, but also in healing the earth itself. If your surroundings aren't healthy, this will reflect back upon you. Take a look at your garden. Whether it's a container garden on an urban balcony, cottage garden in the country or a … Continue reading CRYSTALS IN THE GARDEN


The integration of crystals alongside nature’s bounty can be a wonderful benefit for growth and regeneration. By placing these minerals at the base of any plant or burying them alongside your vegetables, they can bring an added sense of encouragement and even spirituality to your hard work. Minerals Used In The Garden Agate (Moss): is … Continue reading CRYSTALS FOR YOUR PLANTS


If you have problems in the garden, program a perfect image of the garden into a crystal, and place or bury the crystal in an appropriate spot in the garden. Your own sensitivity will tell you where the crystal needs to be, and the direction in which it should face. You can even program a … Continue reading GIVING THE GARDEN A HELPING HAND


Pulmonaria Officinalis Lungwort is a perennial herb that normally grows up to a height of one feet or 30 cm. The plant bears wide oval shaped leaves at the base, while the upper leaves are relatively smaller marked with the irregular color pattern, especially white spots. The lungwort plants also bear bunches of pink-purple colored … Continue reading Lungwort