Happy May Day

Happy May Day! Maybe you’ve already had a little basket of flowers left on your door handle on this first day of May.

We enjoyed making and delivering May baskets. For those who don’t know about the tradition, May baskets are delivered on May 1. They are traditionally filled with flowers and treats and left hanging on a friend or neighbor’s front doorknob. Once the basket is in place, the deliverer rings the doorbell and runs off to hide and watch the recipient’s reaction.

May Day baskets

One of the most beautiful displays of springtime, as it signals the passage of winter, is the proliferation of beautiful springtime flowers.

Colorful, fragrant blossoms from the lily of the valley, peony, daisy, sweet pea, lilac, buttercup, bells of Ireland and more fill the world with incredible beauty.

Just as flowers were used as for May Day decorations during pagan times, the tradition continues today, decorating homes, parties, maypoles, baskets, leis and crowns.

Leaving a floral basket anonymously on someone’s doorstep is considered a sign of affection, especially for shut-ins or one who is secretly admired.

“Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy…Now science shows us…they have strong positive effects on our emotional well-being,” says Haviland-Jones.

It seems that the “flower power” slogan from the 1960s conveyed far more wisdom than ever before imagined.

Though considered the hippie era, associated with a time of youthful rebellion, the generation of flower children was conveying a message of peace and love to the world unable to fully hear them.

For this coming May Day, the global community has the opportunity to not only determine what type of flower power it wishes to experience but also how.

Reconnecting with the beauty of spring and the grace that nature inspires could bring an innate sense of inner peace and happiness to the global community.

An inspired sense of renewal and hope is requisite for coming together to solve the many political, economical and social problems of the day, which will impact future generations for many years to come.

Additionally, flowers reduce agitation and depression.