New Moon Energy ~ The New Moon in Gemini

During the time of the New Moon in Taurus, we took our new beginnings, new plans, new projects, new directions and solidified them, made them more stable as they went through a time of growth, development, and greater establishment in the physical world. They’ve at least got a toehold and a chance to survive now.

You may have even rustled up some resources to make sure you can support them … and you for sure have laid some future plans on what kind of return on investment you want when finally you’ve brought them to maturity.

Now, of course, it’s time to build around this core, diversify, tell people what you think, pick their brains for nuggets of knowledge and new perspectives, and maybe do a little advertising.

That’s where Gemini energy comes in … and with the New Moon in Gemini comes a time of moving about both physically and mentally, gathering data and information, learning and studying, communicating viewpoints and beliefs, sharing advice and opinions, brainstorming, and collecting the intellectual resources to move the “solid new beginnings” into expanded growth and greater accessibility — through the power of promoting an idea whose time has come!!

“Bouncing ideas” off other people in order to gain the advantage of their approaches and outlooks is one of Gemini’s inherent strengths. It’s one of the reasons Geminis love to talk; they’re exercising those fabulous communications skills — all in the name of research.

Geminis exist to exchange information with the minds of those around them. They are like the honeybees flitting from flower to flower gathering those all important “raw materials” … as they move from person to person, subject to subject, thought to thought, concept to concept. In the end, they blend it all together and create something new from the various pieces they’ve collected. In this way, the greater benefit and education of all concerned … evolves.

Gemini energy is quick, clever, curious, imaginative, innovative, inventive, versatile, ingenious and quite often decidedly brilliant in its creations. As arguably the most purely “intellectual” of the signs, it can be logical, analytical, reasonable, and diverse — but also strangely impersonal and at times disturbingly lacking in “emotional involvement.” In the context of pure Gemini energy … emotions are a virtual nuisance, often best ignored.

Properly expressed, Gemini energy plays with concepts and variations … searching for novelty, sparkle, sharp but graceful presentation, and the “appeal” that will attract the attention of other minds and expand the pool of intellectual diversity on a subject. Thus do bits and pieces of facts and information expand into whole new ways of looking at the world. Where pure Gemini energy is concerned, there is nothing so wondrous, so lovely, nor so powerful as an idea “on the move.”

Whatever your sign and wherever Gemini is placed in your Natal Chart, this moment of renewed alignment between your sense of personal direction and your sense of emotional commitment — represented by the arrival of the New Moon in Gemini — marks the place where information, diversity, and communication skills are important to you.

Here is where you pay a lot of attention, where a multitude of things interest you, where you are easily bored, where your opinions are varied and often ambivalent, where you take in a lot of knowledge from the outside world, and where you may need to talk with others and exchange opinions — in order to better form your own.

Once more I remind you, the energy of each new sign offers a reaction against the excesses of the sign that precedes it — in that wonderful yin-yang system of checks and balances we will all come to know intimately as we progress through life.

Where Taurus energy is laid-back, composed, affectionate, gentle, devoted, loyal, placid, and “nice,” Gemini energy is high-strung, diffuse — often scattered, unemotional, logical, intellectual, perceptive, analytical, curious, imaginative, and concerned more with the world of the mind than with the world of physical things.

Its emphasis is on understanding, collecting facts, being mentally engaged and stimulated, being clever and creative, inventing something new and interesting, and making connections between otherwise unrelated pieces of knowledge in ways that are memorable, delightful and even humorous. It sees the world as a place virtually devoted to its desire for entertainment … and new subjects to explore.

It needs “something new” going on all the time because it gets bored mighty quick. It never met an idea — or a novel situation — that it didn’t want to look at … twice. It loves differences!!! It needs to circulate … and to be always on the go.

Like the swift messenger of the gods, Mercury, whose planetary metaphor rules this sign (the planet which zips through its circuit of the Sun in less than three month’s time) Gemini people — like the thoughts that transcend the physical limits of time and space — are here one minute, gone somewhere else the next.

Gemini is Mutable Air energy. Mutable … as in “plastic, changeable, adaptable, fluid, vacillating. Air … as in “free as the breeze.” It is legendary for being hard to pin down, hard to hold onto, not given much to things like “forevermore” or “lasting commitments.” They make wonderful friends and companions … not so wonderful lovers and mates. That “variety thing” they are so fond of … well, it tends to cause problems with partners who think they should be “the one and only.”

It’s not that Geminis don’t need relationships. They do. In fact, they need an awful lot of them. People and the products of their existence, the ideas, the possibilities, the adventure, the toys!!, provide the most exciting diversion of all for the restless Gemini mind.

This emphatically intellectual slant on life is echoed, of course in the other two Air signs, Libra and Aquarius. In Libra, it assumes a culture, grace, an indispensable sense of fairness, and a focus on more acceptable arrangements of one-to-one partnerships — although even here the exact partners may change again and again over time.

In Aquarius, it expands into an impersonal, independent, idealistic, but more generalized perspective of wanting a connection with friends, acquaintances, and “humanity” in general. But, somehow Aquarian detachment and altruism are a little easier to take overall than Gemini’s often “two-timing ways.”

That willingness to connect mentally, though, in ways that are attractive, exciting, and productive … begin here, in the eclecticism of Gemini and its willingness to try anything once. (Ok. Twice.) The basic statement of Gemini energy is “I think.” The hidden part of that phrase is, “I think a lot!!”

Its ingenuity can rival that of Aquarius. It’s razzle-dazzle is second to none. What it lacks in persistence and tenacity, it makes up in incandescent brilliance. It is one of the best examples of what the human mind — all by itself — can achieve. But as with Aquarius, Gemini inspirations can dance on the far edge of practicality … and then trip four or five steps further into some theoretical never-never land, where the concepts look fine on paper, but there’s no possible way to execute them in the real world.

Then, of course, Gemini may set about to invent something that changes that limitation into something possible. Before the invention of computers, for example, musicians could write music that could not humanly be played. The technical and physical demands on the performers were just too much. (Spans that human hands couldn’t possibly reach, for instance.) Although with overdubbing and other tricks (and oh, my how Geminis love tricks!! And gadgets!!) technicians (probably nimble Geminis themselves!!) could cobble together something acceptable.

Well, it was probably Gemini energy that invented “unplayable” music in the first place. And then went to the trouble to write some. And it was Gemini energy that found a way to transcend the limits. And then it was the Uranus in Gemini group of souls (whose karmic destiny combines the dramatic inspiration and ingenuity of Aquarius — ruled by Uranus –applied on a global scale, with the Gemini compulsion to handle huge amounts of assorted information quickly) who came up with the computer and then made it possible for every household — theoretically again (Lord, how those Air signs love theory!) — to own one. (Or two.)

Gemini takes the solid foundations provided by its Taurus predecessor … and makes life Interesting … with a capital “I.” Because for Gemini … that’s what makes life worthwhile!! Gemini blends, combines, dissects, discovers explanations, theories, experiments, looks at cause and effect, understands what’s happening in the world it occupies … and then it broadcasts the news to everyone it can buttonhole long enough to listen.

I mean … what kind of energy do you suppose dreamed up the telegraph, radio, television, the telephone, the phonograph … that then allowed expansion into the more Aquarian inventions of the fax machine, the wireless telephone, the video recorder, the home video camera, e-mail, the Internet ……???

Gemini … that’s who. The great communicator.

When this kind of energy is not well-integrated into a personal chart, or when it conflicts with more preferred strategies, the results show themselves in actions and attitudes that are nervous, inattentive, scattered, inconsistent, impatient, easily bored, closed-minded, opinionated, argumentative, unfocused, confused, intellectually proud and intolerant, and sometimes just plain wrong.

It can also live up to every speck of its reputation for being duplicitous and two-faced … for Gemini’s wonderful communications abilities, turned sour, show up as flattery, deceit, dishonesty, lies, manipulation, and the sweet-talking ways of the cad and the con artist.

The polarity sign for Gemini is Sagittarius — Mutable Fire. Both are notoriously restless. Both are concerned with the dissemination of information. Both can be an intellectually stimulating company … and both can be terrible hypocrites. Where Gemini is interested in bits and pieces of interesting information and a homogenous mixture of facts, Sagittarius looks for depth of knowledge, intellectual authority, the organization of social rules, and philosophical wisdom.

With the arrival of the New Moon in Gemini, the theme of life’s creative cycle — and the focus of people in general — becomes more intellectual and dispassionate. There may be more writing and speaking as a way to communicate and less touching and tender looks. A little more elegance and sophistication perhaps … but the transfer of emotion and caring loses something in the translation. In fact, people may become a little too cerebral about their feelings — and both strangely inconsistent and analytical about what they feel and show.

This energy involved with Gemini is the objectivity of the detached observer, the commentator, the scholar and the witness to life. True it can be imaginative, clever, innovative, and quick-witted … but it lacks something in the area of “heart and soul.”

There is extra emphasis on perception, versatility, having “back-ups” and options, and finding answers to questions and problems. It is a good time to read, write, talk with others, gather information, share knowledge and combine disparate elements to create new possibilities. It is also a good time to look at different sides of various issues, to brainstorm, to experiment with new alternatives, and to be open, adaptable, spontaneous, and changeable.

On an individual level, you may feel restless, easily distracted. You may want a new interest to perk up your zest for living … and the idea of getting away for a while and seeing some new scenery may have colossal appeal. Doing something impetuous and just for the heck of it may help dispel a lot of tension.

You may also want to just sit and talk to people more than usual … or catch up on your reading, or investigate a new subject of study … or sit and carry on a conversation with the voices in your own head. (Don’t kid yourself. We all have those guys, and we all talk to them. The wisest of us also listen to them. A lot.)

Gemini energy is also conducive to investment in communications equipment and educational opportunities … unless Mercury is retrograde during this time.


  • I communicate clearly and honestly.
  • I ask for what I want, confident that my wishes will be heard and honored.
  • I believe my own thoughts, think for myself and respect my own ideas.
  • I am smart; I am capable; I can discover and learn anything I want to know.
  • I know how to generate good ideas, and can always create one when I need it.


Imagine it is late afternoon, the hour when the cool of evening has begun and angle of the Sun bathes the Earth in that special golden glow of benediction just before sunset. You are walking through an open meadow filled with yellow wildflowers. Wild daisies, yellow dandelions, buttercups, shades of yellow in every direction as far as the eye can see.

There is actually a trail you can follow through this explosion of yellow color, worn by the feet of pilgrims who walked this path before you, people who came here both for the natural beauty of the flowers and the destination at the trail’s end. Up ahead you see that destination — a small platform, with a carved wooden podium in the center.

A few steps later as you reach the platform and climb the three steps to its level, you see the podium holds a golden book, its cover luminous in the slanting sunlight. You touch the book with special reverence, open it, and leaf through its pages until you find the pair your intuition confirms holds the message you have traveled here to find. It is written in fine, bold, ornate script as if inscribed here by the hand of Spirit itself. It contains wisdom you especially need to know.

The message may be a few sentences … or several paragraphs. It may deal with only one topic or point of information; it may cover several topics. Whatever its length, whatever its subject … this message was placed here especially for your eyes … and your ears.

As you read the words, you hear a soothing voice repeating them with confidence and assurance in your mind. These are truly words you need to read … “words you need to hear.” Their message may come as surprise … or they may provide wisdom, an answer, or a healing message you have sought for a very long time.

Receive what is here for you with gratitude. Read and hear the message all the way through … from beginning to end. Play it again, as many times as you’d like. Fix pieces of it in your memory until you know what Spirit is telling you. When you are ready to leave, close the book … and follow the path back through the field of yellow flowers.

The next time you need this message … or another piece of wisdom, comfort, reassurance, or information, remember this place — where The Golden Book is always ready to tell you what you need to know.


Take a few minutes to write down the information you were given in your meditation, the wisdom that came to you, the knowledge you have gained. Be complete. Get it all down on paper — or on your computer screen — so that you won’t forget so that you can review it again from time to time. As you write, don’t be surprised if you actually hear “the voice” start telling you more … or reminding you of things you need to note … or elaborating further on the points it covered in your original message.

This is a magic moment all journal-keepers know well … when their job turns to “taking dictation” … and letting the words in their head flow unblocked onto the page … as if they have indeed tapped into a vein of wisdom delivered straight through the channels of Divine Source. If this becomes (or is) a ritual you practice often, you will be routinely amazed at the things your own mind is willing to tell you, the “wisdom you never knew you had” … just waiting for a chance to speak because you are ready to listen.

At least once a week … take a few moments to “free write” like this — just for the entertainment and education of what you will discover. To keep the pump primed, use your journal to list questions you’d like “the voice” to answer. Go back through them from time to time to review ones “the voice” may not have answered yet … and when you do get answers, make notes of what you “hear.” Your answer to something may come in pieces … or all fall out in a rush so prolific you can barely write fast enough to get it all down.

This tool … used regularly … is one of the best gifts you will ever give yourself. If you have never experienced this kind of special magic, oh, what a treat you have in store. Don’t let this one slip away.

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