The Sun visits Gemini 20 May- 4.31 pm EDT to 21 June- 12.24 am EDT

In the astrological system, the symbol for The Sun is a circle with a dot in the center. The circle represents infinity (no beginning and no end) the dot in the center represents Divine Light. It also describes who we are as individuals and our spirit, our I Am Source. The Sun is the source of life. Without The Sun there would be no life on the planet. On a personal level, the Sun represents our individual sense of identity, our creative force, and our ego. Whatever zodiac sign The Sun visits he dons the costume of and plays out the story of that sign.

Gemini is Mutable Air. Its key phrase is “I think”. It is flexible, adaptable, and seeks information and knowledge. It is both logical and intuitive. Gemini loves to communicate new ideas and loves to talk, talk, and talk. Areas of life associated with Gemini are fashion, sales, and marketing, our local environment, and sibling relationships. Gemini’s strongest creative expression is through writing and sharing information. Expect all of those areas to be highlighted with The Sun’s visits here. But the shadow side of Gemini is to be scattered like a leaf on the wind with no direction or focus. Gemini has been called “the jack of all trades and the master of none.” Gemini is also the sign of duality and polarities, easily influenced by contrary ideas that cause confusion about what is true vs. what is an illusion. While The Sun visits here it is important to stay connected to our Sacred Center and intuitive guidance so we do not get distracted from our spiritual purpose.

There is a deeper aspect to Gemini. Its symbol is The Twins. There are many stories in mythology regarding twins. The one I am most familiar with is the Greek story of Castor and Pollux. These twins were inseparable and did everything together. The difference between them was Castor was mortal and Pollux was a demi-god. Castor, the mortal twin, was killed in battle and placed in the heavens in the Constellation of Gemini. His brother Pollux, being immortal, could not die. So he faced eternity living without his mirror self. Zeus, the king of the gods and Pollux’s father, took pity on Pollux and allowed him to ascend to heaven to be with his brother. They are the bright twin stars in the Gemini Constellation. Interesting Pollux, the immortal twin, is slightly brighter. This could be where the new age concept of twin souls comes from. I believe it is symbolic of our search on our life path to reconnect with our Divine Soul essence.

The traditional ruler of The Sun’s journey through Gemini is Mercury, the messenger. He is currently in Taurus and has just left his retrograde shadow. While here (until June 06) he asks us to continue to focus on what is of true value and importance in our lives. Not just what our mind identifies as valuable but what our inner knowing KNOWS is of true value. From June 06 to 21 Mercury will be visiting his home sign of Gemini giving us all an opportunity to write our new story. Gemini is a story teller. The Soul Centered ruler of this Sun in Gemini journey is Venus. She is in Aries (inspired new beginnings and creativity) and she too has just left her retrograde shadow. So we are being supported to move forward into new inspired beginnings. On June 06 Venus too changes signs. She enters her home sign of Taurus asking us to love and value our true selves. Mercury and Venus in their own signs are blessing us to write that new story. When planets visit the signs they rule (Mercury/Gemini and Venus/Taurus) they are considered to be very strong. Mercury influences our thoughts and perceptions and Venus influences our sense of self-worth and our relationship experiences. Change your thoughts and feelings and your life will change. When you focus on the positive that is what the Universe will bless you with.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun in Gemini marks the Flowering Time when the plants begin to blossom and our ideas flower. Our Animal Totem guide is Deer, sensitivity, gentleness, and compassionate love.  Deer also calls us to new adventures. In the Southern Hemisphere, this is the Long Nights Time with Elk, stamina and strength, and Owl, wisdom, as your guides for the Sun in Gemini. The astrological Earth is in Sagittarius and since The Medicine Wheel is reversed for the different Hemispheres we all have access to these Animal Totems. (Sagittarius North/Elk and Owl and Gemini South/Elk and Owl). For more insights on the different Medicine Wheels for North and South I again, as I have before, recommend “Shamanic Astrology” by Lucy Harmer.

For all of us, the Clan Mother guide for the Sun’s visit to Gemini is Storyteller. She teaches us how to speak from our hearts with caring and compassion. She guides us to say what we mean and mean what we say with love. She supports us to create our new story. She teaches us to speak the truth. For the Earth, in Sagittarius, the Clan Mother is Gives Praise. She teaches us how to create abundance through giving and receiving. She also teaches us to be grateful for the truth. You can find more of their stories in The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie

Gemini is found on the Tarot Constellation of The Lovers, relationship, and choice. The theme is the urge to unite, the choice to love, ourselves in relation to each other. The other sign of this Tarot Constellation is Capricorn and it expresses the shadow of the urge to separate, the choice to fear, ourselves in relation to the world. With Pluto now in Capricorn (he has been in Capricorn since Jan 2008 and will remain there until Nov 2024) we have the opportunity to heal and transform that shadow of fear and separation and live our Soul Purpose united in Love. When we are aligned with our Universal Purpose ego issues fall away and we are guided by our Soul Essence and Great Mystery. Currently, Pluto is traveling with the Asteroid Juno (committed relationships). They are both in retrograde motion giving us all the opportunity to heal and transform relationships in our lives, especially the relationship to self.

Gemini is only found on the Second Ray of Divine Love and Wisdom. The Sun’s journey through Gemini asks us all to express Loving kindness in our life and fear and conflict will disappear. The Archangel who guides us is Jophiel, creative power, and vision. When you call on him he will assemble a legion of angels to help you manifest your greatest dream. A wonderful oracle about the Angel Guides is Angel Blessings by Kimberly Marooney. Jophiel’s feminine counterpart is Constance Christine, spiritual illumination. Call on both these Archangels to support you on this journey to connect with your inner knowing and intuitive wisdom so you can create your new story with clarity.

I usually do not include the Sabian Symbols (An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar) for the Sun journey but this one speaks to me so profoundly given what has been going on in my life experience the last 8 weeks. The symbol for the Sun’s entry into Gemini is “A GLASS-BOTTOMED BOAT REVEALS UNDERSEA WONDERS”. The feeling is one of wonder. “I did not know this could exist. How beautiful! How exciting!”  A NEW DIMENSION OF REALITY is perceived by the earnest inquirer.

I can already feel the new door opening in my life. I am walking through. Hope you too are ready to walk through to your “new dimension of reality”.

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