RELATIONSHIPS are highlighted this week — not only heart connections between people but also our affinities with all that we personally hold in high esteem. This includes everything that we may say we “love,” such as material possessions (and the resources needed to buy them), and other physical expressions of our values.

This emphasis is thanks to Venus, the planet named for the goddess of love, who is in the final degrees of Aries and making strong aspects to three major planets this week: dwarf planet Eris (on Tuesday), Saturn (on Thursday), and Uranus (on Saturday).

VENUS has had quite a journey over the past few months. The planet was retrograde for a while, taking us into “review mode” with regards to relationships and other areas listed above. Venus was also in challenging aspect with Saturn in early April, which may have been a decision-making time as we became more clear on what we value and how we want to manifest more heart-fulfillment in our lives.

This week, Venus has two high-energy traveling companions — dwarf planet Eris, the goddess of discord, and rebel Uranus, the god of chaos. These alignments en-Courage Venus to take new risks and to break free from anything that is restrictive.

AS A RESULT of this planetary collaboration, relationships may form unexpectedly now, or we may find ourselves attracted to people who do not at all fit our usual blueprint for friend or lover. We may make new commitments to something that we value, that we suddenly realize is important to us.

It is equally possible that existing commitments and attachments will be interrupted, depending on what changes are needed to help us to live our most authentic life. New directions call us, and to embark on the journey we must move through and beyond fears that once may have held us back.

SATURN provides a stabilizing force for all of this otherwise unharnessed energy, through a harmonious trine aspect with Venus. Saturn helps bring things into physical form, and in Sagittarius also provides a practical perspective, so we’re less likely to go off in completely unwise directions.

Saturn’s influence makes it more likely that the choices we make now will have a good grounding in reality, even if they seem somewhat radical at first.

OTHER ASPECTS providing support this week include:

  • A Mars-Uranus sextile on Tuesday, which provides the vigor and fearlessness needed for taking action on our inspirations
  • A Mercury-Pluto trine on Wednesday, which gives power to our intentions and ideas
  • A Sun-Jupiter trine on Saturday, which enhances a sense of optimism and our belief in a better future

At the same time, we are not just floating without challenges, especially in the last half of the week. Some of these tests come in the form of:

  • A Sun-Uranus semisquare on Friday that represents the irritations and frustrations that can occur when making any major changes
  • A Mars-Chiron square on Friday that reveals where we still feel insecure in our choices and must develop greater faith
  • A Neptune-Ceres square on Friday that requires us to deal with some dissatisfaction based on unrealistic emotional expectations that have not been met
  • A Sun-Neptune square on Sunday that challenges us to look beyond the logical answers and find rest in a more spiritual perspective
  • A Mercury-Saturn quincunx on Sunday that shows us where our fixed attitudes and opinions are interfering with our creating a more accepting and inclusive world

Quite an active week! Not likely that we’ll be bored. See you on the other side.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Your world is changing, dear Gemini, and much of this is exciting and positive. This year, relationships may be central to your experience, and you may be inspired to risk new heart connections. The key will be to allow the new to be born and to relax expectations that may limit your expansion. Remind yourself that your soul and the very universe have your greatest good always in mind and that our rational minds sometimes take a while to catch on. That being said, you have the ability to tap into a greater optimism this year, even as you work with some growth opportunities.


  • TUE: Venus conjunct Eris, Mars sextile Uranus
  • WED: Mercury trine Pluto, Jupiter trine Ceres
  • THU: First Quarter Moon 5:42am PDT (12:42pm GMT), Venus trine Saturn
  • FRI: Sun semisquare Uranus, Mars square Chiron, Neptune square Ceres
  • SAT: Venus conjunct Uranus, Sun trine Jupiter
  • SUN: Mercury quincunx Saturn, Sun square Neptune, Mars enters Cancer


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