Pendulum Dowsing

Many people have the ability to dowse, but are not aware of this very useful ‘talent’. Those who are interested in this may use different tools as a dowser including a locket on a neck chain to a quartz crystal. Some use a very simple device like a piece of strong string threaded through any … Continue reading Pendulum Dowsing

Dowsing With Pendulum’s

You start by learning how to use your Pendulum, especially the signals needed for accuracy and the correct method of asking questions. Learn to make your home healthy and prevent diseases. You can accomplish water divining, improving water quality, and locate people and objects. BONDING WITH YOUR PENDULUM A Pendulum can be made from a … Continue reading Dowsing With Pendulum’s

Pendulum’s: How To Use

Pendulums are one of the easiest and quickest ways to perform divination. Pendulums have been used for centuries as means to divine the future and to find out answers to pressing questions that people would like to have answers for. Even though pendulums are easy to use in a sense, there is much more to … Continue reading Pendulum’s: How To Use