Pendulum Dowsing

Many people have the ability to dowse, but are not aware of this very useful ‘talent’. Those who are interested in this may use different tools as a dowser including a locket on a neck chain to a quartz crystal. Some use a very simple device like a piece of strong string threaded through any lapidary stone or even plain beach pebble. Whatever you use it will need cleansing in sea salt water from time to time. When using crystals, however, it is important to note that they carry a strong energy of their own. Therefore they can work in the opposite direction according to the individual and indeed crystal. This can be confusing to a beginner and it’s necessary when using any crystal to first establish its polarities before working.

Remember that the heavier the crystal or stone the more ‘energy’ is required to activate it. If you are a beginner, then use a lightweight object. Don’t use too long a chain. The best is a flexible silver bracelet chain which hooks perfectly through the eye of a pure quartz ‘tear-drop’ crystal and is exactly the right weight and length for dowsing. Before starting, make sure you are quiet, preferably on your own and though optimistic of results, not too excited…it can take the time to tune into the Universal Energy which activates the pendulum. If you are a natural healer or dowser, then right from the start the activity of the pendulum could take you by surprise.

Concentrate/meditate on the pendulum and ask for only positive energy and love to flow through. When you feel settled and ready, ask the pendulum to show you which is positive. Any number of things can happen at this stage…the most likely is that it won’t move at all. Don’t be disappointed. Continue to practice and gradually you may detect movement from the pendulum. It may begin to move slowly backward and forwards or in a clockwise direction which is the ‘normal’ for positive, It may move from side to side which is the ‘normal’ or swing in an anti-clockwise direction for negative.

Once you have defined this you can use it over say foods or medicine which you suspect you are allergic to and test it for its polarity. Likewise, do the same for foods which are good for you and the pendulum should give a positive response.

Once the polarities are established it should never change for you unless you use a crystal ‘tuned’ into a different energy. This can cause difficulties. People may have opposite responses from the same crystal. You just have to find what is right for you, as an individual. Just as you are energy so is the crystal. You have individual energies and vibrations, so when you are happy with your pendulum, stick to it. There are other movements pendulums can make, again this is a very individual thing and often connected to a special guide or other entity who is working with you. It takes practice to understand other movements. It usually involves working with your Guides on a telepathic level too, and in this way, much more information can be picked up by the thought process.

Dowsing with pendulums works in a similar way to dowsing rods or forked twigs. These are usually used by those seeking water or minerals beneath the ground. Whichever the preferred method the attitude of mind and thought must be paramount. Thoughts should at all times be directed for the good of others and mankind, rather than for greed and self-seeking. If you are thinking this may be a good way to back the winner of a horse race or come up with Lottery numbers-forget it! From such misuse come problems.

You can use a pendulum everywhere. In supermarkets, it is an invaluable friend enabling you to purchase the freshest fruit, vegetables, meat or fish. You will discover many things which are not good for you personally. Your needs and allergies will be tailor-made for you too…through the courtesy of your pendulum.

As already mentioned, many entities who become expert in using the pendulum go on to channel information by thought transference (telepathy) with a guide allotted to them for this purpose. The pendulum merely acts as a back up to the thought the sensitive has already picked up. As in all cases, the strength of the energy used is different according to the vibration being used by any one individual. One can have a fairly weak link or a very strong one when indeed, the dowsing pendulum can seem to have a mind of its own and almost take off from one’s hand.


When we begin to work with such tools as dowsing rods, pendulums and crystals our abilities are heightened and strengthened as we become familiar with the energies of the higher planes. So we encourage the Life Force or Universal Energy to flow through our own system via our chakras.

Often healers will ‘check’ out the state of the patients’ chakras using a pendulum. It is important to note that Masculine and Feminine energies work in opposite directions.

A pendulum can and is used by many people in a variety of ways: A cat, which was lost for two days, was found in minutes in a derelict garage by using the pendulum. You can dowse hotels and restaurants before using them and maps…if lost. It can be an exciting discovery to find you have the ability to dowse. Please do take responsibility. Don’t let it go to your head…leave the work to your hands and the Universal Energy.