The Grounding Stone: Hematite

With its iron content, hematite has a strengthening influence on the physical body – especially the blood, body temperature, and circulatory system. Of all the grounding stones, hematite is perhaps the surest – very few people fail to be brought down to a steady, focused state due to its stabilizing influence on the physical body.

Energy: strong, secure, straightforward

Colors: steel gray to iron black, sometimes with red spots

Uses: Hematite is excellent for grounding, enhancing the circulation of bodily fluids, manifesting light and energy, protection, astral projection, strength, and working with the shadow self. Boosts low self-esteem. It is helpful for kidney problems, tissue regeneration, headaches, hysteria, and feelings of vulnerability.

Star Sign: Aries
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Chakra: Base

Tips For Hematite

Wear hematite to enhance your personal magnetism

Give hematite as a gift to those who need strength to cope with a situation

Place hematite in your desk to stimulate your mathematical abilities if you work with numbers

Carry hematite when flying to alleviate the symptoms of jet lag

Wear or carry hematite to enhance mental processes, including memory and clarity of thought

Hold hematite to ground you when you feel spaced out

Hematite helps you keep your feet on the ground


Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms you in times of stress or worry. Hematite is a very protective stone, and is great to carry to help you stay grounded in many situations. Hematite can boost confidence, and is also good for working with the Root Chakra.

  • Protective
  • Grounding
  • Centering
  • Cooling/Calming
  • Clarity-enhancing
  • Emotionally Balancing

The uniqueness of the protective energy of hematite is in its almost mirror-like surface/shine, which further repels negative energy.

Hematite rings provide grounding and help to counter anxious thoughts.

Wondering how to ground yourself spiritually?

hematite_ringsLike it or not, anxiety is something we all have to deal with at certain times in our lives.  I don’t care how connected to the Universe you are, life happens.

Maybe you’ve recently started a new job and you want to make a good impression. Or you’ve entered a new relationship and you’re still uncertain about whether you really want to put yourself out there (or you’re wondering whether the other person is as into you as you are into them.) Or maybe you’re having some financial challenges and you’re trying to keep calm.

Recently I’ve been feeling a little anxious about a number of changes in my life. Most of them are good changes, but change can be scary whether it is welcome or not. Your mind just keeps judging the changes, trying to make sense of them and trying to anticipate what will happen next. But I know that life flows better when I am in the flow, and when I am not anxious, but rather I am grounded and willing to let the Universe take care of the details.

So what did I do? In addition to enjoying a little more wine than usual, I’ve turned to one of my favorite go-to metaphysical tools: spiritual jewelry. In this case, I turned to two hematite rings that give me a little extra grounding and courage to counter all of those anxious feelings.

If you’re wondering how to ground yourself spiritually, seriously consider working with crystals. Hematite is one of my favorite crystals. It is calming and inspires clear logical thinking. When I have anxious thoughts, I find that hematite helps me to slow my roll. I feel stronger when I have hematite close, and if I’m feeling insecure, it gives me confidence. (Incidentally, hematite is also an excellent crystal for psychic protection, so I pull it out when someone I have to be around gives me bad vibes, or if I’m sensing negative energy around me.)

I particularly enjoy wearing crystal jewelry because I know the crystals are working their magic without me having to think about it. As I go about my day, I’m getting the metaphysical support of the Universe. They also allow me to express some of my personality for the world to see. The magickal living is important to me, and wearing crystal jewelry allows me to show up authentically to the world.

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