The Strong Sun Moon


JUNE 21 – JULY 22

The Strong Sun Moon is the first moon of Shawnodese, Spirit Keeper of the South, and occurs at the time of the summer solstice. The animal for the Strong Sun Moon is the flicker, the mineral totem is the carnelian agate, the plant is the wild rose, and the color is pink. The elemental influence is from the Frog clan.

From the flicker, people experiencing this position can learn about their desire for self-expression; from the carnelian their strong heart connection; and from the Rose, about their ability both to heal and to inspire. The Strong Sun Moon teaches about the importance of the emotions and the need for a strong home base. People experiencing the energy of this position are intuitive and wild in some aspects of being, but conservative and home-loving in others.

The Strong Sun Moon will educate you about the law of relationship and about family. Mothering, and nurturing. While working with the flicker you must guard against wallowing in all your emotions and about fearing to take any stand.


Northern Flicker Female

Flickers are woodpeckers. There are two kinds in the United States: the yellow-shafted flicker, found east of the Great Plains, and the red-shafted flicker, found west of the Great Plains. Both types can be found in a variety of places: woods, farms, and even suburbs. Flickers are drummers. They play their song on dead limbs, tin roofs, and wooden houses, sometimes to extract insects and sometimes for the sheer joy of playing. During mating, flickers present an especially magnificent display of their musical talents.

Flickers dig a gourd-shaped hole in a tree trunk for their nest. Like most birds, flickers are good and caring parents. They nurture their young until it is time to allow them to fly on their own.

The flicker is a special bird to many Native people. Some legends say he has red wings because he went too close to a fire set by the Earthquake Spirit to try to put it out. The flames from this fire colored his wings and tail red. Native people particularly value flickers because they drum so well. Red flicker feathers are associated with blood and are often presented to war spirits. Red feathers on prayer sticks are considered war offerings, against either human or spiritual enemy. Members of some medicine societies wore flicker feathers in their hair to identify their affiliation.

Working with flicker can teach you about communicating, music, joy, nurturing, courage, protection, tenacity, and your connection with the universal.


Carnelian Agate

Carnelian agate is a gift of the heart that represents love. It is good for sustaining a healthy heart and opening emotional centers.

It is said you can suspend a carnelian on a string or thong and use it pendulum-style over a wound to ease bleeding and start the healing process. Carnelian has been known to aid in emergency healing.

Carrying a Carnelian will help keep your heart healthy and open while giving you protection from any who might try to read your mind. It will also promote feelings of peace within and around you.


Wild Pink Rose

Besides its beauty, the wild rose has many other gifts. The fruits of the rose called rose hips, are high in vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Either eating them or using them in tea helps cure sore throats, colds, and flu.  Rose hip tea has been used to treat blood or liver problems. Rose petal tea is a mild astringent and tonic. Rose water has been used as an eye lotion and to relieve the discomfort of hay fever. The wild rose can refresh your spirit and aid with problems that require a gentle, cooling effect. It can also help lift your spirit and open your heart.


This is the pure pink of the finest pink roses, neither too red nor too purple in shade. It is the pink of all-healing love often invoked by those who work with color. Having this color around you will help to open your heart to love, sensitivity, and your own fast-flowing emotions. It will also illuminate any areas of feeling in which you need to mature.



Time to lighten up and have some fun under this magical moon. Drop your serious attitude, release your many burdens, and play. Joy is contagious, so become like those born under the Strong Sun Moon and spread the wealth of laughter. You will find yourself drawn to the gifts of beauty and inspiration. Cultural endeavors are uplifting for you at this time.

You may also have an influx of social invitations, so take hold of the Strong Sun Moon energy. Take others up on their offers and be prepared to be the center of attention.

Your past may suddenly take on new significance. Hidden creative talents you have may be trying to surface and find a voice. You will find any creative pursuits pleasurable and rewarding. Others will be naturally drawn to your exuberant energy. Joys abound, so take this time to nurture your spirit, and surround yourself with the beauty you deserve.

Prayer: Great Spirit, help me to release life’s burdens by taking hold of the beauty and joy that is ever present within my connection to you.

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