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Reiki Grid is a device which is used to magnify the healing energy. It was made popular by William Lee Rand. The beautiful thing about the grid is that it’s a double whammy where we are using Crystals and Reiki together. Crystals have their own healing properties and when combined with Reiki they work much more beautifully giving results faster. It is said that each crystal which is present on a grid is equivalent to a second or third-degree practitioner and Reiki is continuously flowing through them for 24 hours, so imagine how powerful a grid can be!

Reiki works and flows through intention, which can be conscious or unconscious. Most commonly used crystals are Clear Quartz but one may even use Amethyst. Pink Quartz too is very popular when one is giving healing to love and relationships. I have used all possible crystals on my Grid, starting from Clear quartz to Citrine to Lapis Lazuli and they all have given me wonderful results. Use your intuition regarding which crystals do you want to place on your grid.

The Quartz crystals have the unique property of absorbing and hold the intention. Infuse them with Reiki and your intention.

A grid is generally taught in the third degree, for those who have not learned it, I am breaking the steps to set up a Reiki grid for everyone’s benefit.


The grid is hexagon shaped, and you need 6 crystals since I did not have pencil shaped crystals I used crystal pebbles and they worked as great as a pencil shaped one! We also need a crystal pyramid to be placed in the center and a crystal wand to charge it. The wand is a jumbo crystal which has to have a point. Any wand will do except metal.


  1. Soak the crystals in rock salt water for 24-48 hours. Wash them in running cold water. Do not touch the crystals when soaking; trust me when I say do not touch as all the impurities from the crystals get absorbed in the salt water and touching them can make you fall sick, I have learned it the hard way, you should not! Please remember not to soak the crystals in any metal container as the chemical properties of the crystal can get altered.
  2. Once the crystals are washed take them out on a paper or a cloth towel and dry them. Bless the crystals with any prayer or by giving Reiki to them for 2-3 minutes each.
  3. Charge the crystals by attuning them i.e. draw all the symbols over each crystal with the intention that they manifest for the highest and greatest good.
  4. Place photos of people or intention slip anywhere in the grid. The grid will continuously keep sending Reiki to all your intentions.
  5. Charge the grid with an affirmation “I Charge Charge Charge this Grid Grid Grid with Reiki Reiki Reiki to heal heal heal”

You will need 8 crystals-stones. The type of the stone is your choice. Use whatever stone feels right to you. (I prefer to use quartz crystals) The size of the stone only matters on the amount of space you want to take up with the grid.

  • Now charge with Reiki the 7 stones.
  • Place six(6) attuned stones like a six-pointed star, with the points pointing inward.
  • The seventh (7) charged stone place inside your star with the point going between two of the outer crystals.
  • The last (8) stone is the Master stone is placed outside the grid, off to the side
  • Take a picture of yourself and place it in the middle under the central crystal. On the back of the picture, write out positive open-ended affirmation.

It is a good idea to place your grid on a piece of stiff cardboard so that you can move it around if needed. Keep your grid in a private sacred place.

You will need to charge your Reiki grid each day to keep it empowered. To do this take the Master Crystal and hold it between your hands. Draw the Distant Symbols over it and any other symbols you are guided to use, such as the Power Symbol or the Master Symbol. Do Reiki on the Master Crystal for five to ten minutes to charge it with Reiki. As you do this you can pray to your guides or angels or other spiritual beings to work with you and to charge the Master Crystal with love and deep healing.

Once the Master Crystal is charged, go to your Reiki grid and use the Master Crystal to draw the distant symbol over the Reiki grid. Now point the Master Crystal at the central crystal and begin moving it to one of the outer crystals. Then move it over to the crystal next to it. Move it back to the central crystal again, then back out to the same outer crystal. Then move over one more crystal, then in and out and continue directing the energy of the master crystal in and out and around and around. As you do this, you will be moving in and out, then over one crystal, then in and out, then over one crystal, then in and out, then over, etc. as though you are cutting out pieces of a pie. You will be moving around the Reiki grid as you do this. Move in a counter-clockwise direction around the grid. Go around the grid at least eight to ten times.

As you charge your Reiki grid with your Master Crystal say a continuous series of affirmations such as: “I charge this grid with Light, light, light, to heal, heal, heal”. You can also add: “I connect this Reiki grid with my highest Spiritual Guides to heal heal heal”. Of course, you can use your own positive affirmation as well. Once the grid is charged, anyone whose name or picture that you place in the grid will continuously receive distant Reiki. You can place your goals or other situations on a piece of paper and they will be blessed with Reiki as well.

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  1. I’m not following what the arrows are for? Do you actually draw them on the grid or are they just a visual of the flow of energy? I loved the article! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you for your question. The arrows are to illustrate the direction: “As you do this, you will be moving in and out, then over one crystal, then in and out, then over one crystal, then in and out, then over, etc. as though you are cutting out pieces of a pie”. And, no you do not draw the arrows on the grid. Again, thank you for reading the article and you are very welcome!

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