They are tools for empowerment, for blessings, for prosperity, for love, for healing, for creating a sacred space, and much more. They can be used for any intention, from the simple goal of “bring more money” to the more serious, “banish this curse” to the great goal of “heal the planet”. Whatever your intention, the crystal grid is an effective use of crystal energy when done with your clean intention.

A grid is formed by making a geometric pattern with crystals, which can be tumbled stones or natural rough stones. The pattern can be any design you like – a Star of David which is the most popular, a Reiki symbol, a pentagram or another symbol of your choosing.

A basic grid consists of 4, 5, 6, or 7 stones – 1 in the center and the rest making the design. To charge and empower your grid you can use a selenite, rose or crystal quartz wand or you can energize your grid with Reiki, Dowsing, or whatever feels right and works best for you. Some use Vedic mantra’s and Buddhist chants to charge the grids. Reiki practitioners use crystal gridding very frequently and their methodology is normally to charge with a wand and by drawing the Reiki symbols on it and then energizing it between their hands. This is generally done for each of the grid stones in turn.


  • Your mind must be very clear on what it is you want.
  • Choose one goal at a time and focus.
  • Write it down on a small slip of paper.
  • You will use this clear intention to charge the crystals and activate the Grid.
  • Decide on your layout pattern and stones.
  • Decide on a place to set up the Grid where it can be left undisturbed. Always be grateful to any animals or children which care to enter as they bring their own totem energy to your Grid. However, try not to place the Grid where it will be inconvenient or annoying to others. Know where the four directions are for your stone placement; West, North, East, South. Sweep the space clean with a broom, incense, bells/drums, a wand, a sprinkle of pure salt, a prayer, etc. Dispel and banish energies which wish you “ill or nil” and invite in those who wish you “help and harmony”.
  • Create your grid on a tray or board so it can be moved if needed.
  • Use a shallow pan filled with clean sand or even uncooked rice grains.
  • Devise it on paper first, then place the stones on the paper.
  • Hold your Center Master Crystal in your hands and let your Intention flow into it. Place it on the Grid. Put your written Intention under it. This is now “charged”.

It is best to start at the 1 o’clock position stone and start weaving the wand in and out to the center stone, back to 3 o’clock and so on around the grid. As you draw the pattern make the necessary affirmation or chant a mantra.

  • Breathe and relax; incense or Aromatherapy is a good addition, as is music, but not necessary.
  • Visualize the Master Crystal glowing with your energy and the ally stones pulsing slowly, first one then the next. You may wish to use your Wand again for this part. See the “charge” flow faster and faster until the whole grid is activated and “humming”.
  • Imagine your goal being met and accomplished
  • Be grateful; say a prayer of gratitude and slowly back away, leaving the grid to continue its purposeful work.

The best and most effective energy grid is worked when you follow your heart and your own intuition. Be sure your goals are benign. When you are finished using the grid, you can return the stones to the earth or any natural water source, or keep them for another use later. Some grid stones are to be passed on to others. Be sure to cleanse the stones before using them again.

Remember always to cleanse the stones regularly by passing them through some incense such as sage for example as you are creating the grid. Or you can leave them for a couple of hours in a glass bowl of spring water to which you have added a couple of drops of a flower essence such as Lavender. Allow the crystals to dry naturally in diluted sunlight before using them for the grid placement.


There are several methods for gridding. You can use grids in places and spaces and you can also use grids on your body or place the crystals around your bed before going to sleep. There are so many applications and I will expand upon the placing of stones on the body and healing grids in another article. For now here is one example of a body placement grid:


Take seven cleansed and blessed Crystals or Stones – one for each chakra, lie down and place one on each of the 7 major chakras. For example Base – Hematite or Bloodstone, Sacral – Carnelian or Tiger’s Eye, Solar Plexus – Citrine, Heart – Aventurine and/or Rose Quartz, Throat – Turquoise or Blue Howlite, Third Eye – Amethyst, Crown – Quartz crystal.

Rest quietly with the stones in place for no more than 15 minutes. When you remove the crystals place them in your sacred space making your favorite pattern. The grid will continue to work for you.

Grids can be further empowered by placing a sunburst of quartz points or lasers around the center design. Create a favorite grid and you can keep it in any room of the house, treatment room if you are a healer, place of work, etc., in all cases, it will generate healing energy. Having it in your reception area and/or treatments rooms for guests and clients does make a difference.


Now that you have the grid, you’re probably wondering how exactly you use it. Focus on the center stone. It’s the core of the grid. Try to connect with it, communicate with it, ask it to help you manifest your intention.

Some people recommend the practice of “programming” crystals first, but in a grid, you may want to allow and see the stones as alive and intelligent and far older than any of us. Therefore, they generally will provide the energy required. However, if you feel more comfortable programming the crystals then you should. I for one, prefer to program them first as it reinforces the reason and intention for creating the grid in the first place. Just try and remember that the stones are conscious allies.

If you’re using the grid for distance healing, it can often be helpful to have set it up so that the center stone is resting on a picture of the person to be healed or another physical link to the recipient.

Once you feel that you have aligned the grid with your intention, focus on the center stone again and slowly feed it as much energy as you can create or pull in from external sources. Visualize it and the other stones of the grid and the lines connecting them glowing brighter and brighter as energy is added. When you feel that you’ve added enough, stop and just hold the glowing grid in your mind’s eye for a few more moments.

You may want to take this time to state any affirmations you may have for the working, or even simply “so mote it be”, though such affirmations are not necessary. Then just leave the grid in place, and as long as it is not significantly disturbed it will keep running, though it can be a good idea to occasionally add fresh energy as guided by intuition for a grid that is set up for an extended period of time. A significant disturbance will require that the grid is reactivated, but is otherwise not a cause for alarm.


Once you’ve worked with your own version of a standard grid for a while, you’re probably going to want to move on to more advanced grids. You have an almost endless set of options that can be used.

  • You can change the types of crystals you’re working with.
  • You can use stones that are not crystals.
  • You can even use objects that are not stones at all.
  • You can use everything from ritual weapons to candles to animal bones to charged chunks of driveway gravel.
  • Use your imagination and see what works for you.

Anything that can take an energetic charge can be used. Nor are you limited to the basic patterns shown in this article. There are many other popular grid patterns based on sacred geometry. Any of these will work. It is also quite possible to create grids using no set geometry, and just feeling intuitively for patterns that will work and balance the energy in the right way. You can even set up multiple grids and link them together. This can create an effect that can only be described as resonance that strengthens the fields of both grids dramatically. Finally, you can link your grid to external energy sources such as the sun by visualizing a line of energy linking these energy sources into the grid much like the lines linking the stones. This will allow them to remain active longer, and the link will dissolve on its own if the grid is dismantled.

This is your sacred space and your sacred grid created by you, a sacred being. Enjoy this process, experiment with different layouts, and find what works best for you. Above all, have fun as you learn to create your own personalized grids.


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