July Energetics

As we head into July we are still very much in the process of integrating the download of high-frequency light that poured into the earth over the summer solstice period.

As these transformative energies continue to be absorbed and integrated, changes are being instigated at a deep level not only within us but also within the Earth herself.

Feeling unusually spaced out or ungrounded seem to have been common experiences for many sensitive people over the last few weeks, so if this was your experience too you can feel comforted that you were not alone! Checking in daily with your energetic alignment and connection to the Earth is always good, but especially necessary in these times where rapid change and adjustment are increasingly required of us.

So, what do the cosmos have in store for us energetically over the next few weeks? Well, looking at the upcoming planetary alignments and cosmic influences there seems to be potential for a considerable amount of emotional intensity this month.

This is particularly the case around the full moon on July 9th and again on the new moon on July 23rd. At the full moon, the Sun and Mars in Cancer will oppose the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. This is uncomfortable astrology since it is likely to bring deep and intense feelings to the surface as well as highlighting any unresolved polarity issues in our lives, work or relationships.

Pluto’s focus is ultimately transformation but it will tend to achieve this by taking us through a process of ‘death & rebirth’ if we resist letting go of what is no longer of use. Placed as it is in this month’s astrological line up we could find ourselves feeling the influence of Pluto’s transformational focus very strongly, so try to go with the flow as much as you can.

Cancer Symbol

The Influence of Cancer

All the other planetary activity this month is set against the backdrop of the inflowing energies from the constellation of Cancer, represented in Western astrology by the sign of the crab.

The watery, intuitive, nurturing energies of Cancer bring an emphasis to those areas of life that relate to ‘home’ and ‘family’ and as always, their influence will be multi-layered.  At an everyday level, we might find our attention taken to the home we live in and the family that we are connected to through birth, marriage etc. At another level, this energy might bring a focus to the need for us to take greater responsibility for the Earth, our planetary ‘home’ and for our connection to the collective human ‘family’.

In the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Cancer is considered to be the gateway through which souls originally entered into physical incarnation so each year this energy also brings us the potentiality of ‘rebirth’ or a new starting point. Use the watery nature of the extra Cancerian energy available to us this month to help you flow smoothly through any difficult emotions or challenging transformational experiences that might come your way as you ‘rebirth’ yourself this month.

By its very nature water is fluid, flexible & powerful and can be relied upon to always find a way around any obstacles it comes up against.

We Always Have Choice

Looking at the upcoming planetary alignments and cosmic influences there seems to be potential for a considerable amount of emotional intensity this month

Within the energy flow over the next few weeks, there is potential for anger, impatience, aggression, power struggles and overly emotional reaction, in general, to be more obvious than normal.

The energy flow could also temporarily highlight any issues that we might have connected to a lack of self-worth or exaggerate a tendency to self-judgement. Even if we ourselves are not affected by these emotions, others around us may well be, so how can we best deal with any uncomfortable, highly charged emotional situation that might arise?

In our experience, the first thing is always to stop, take a deep breath to bring yourself fully into the present moment and notice what is happening, how you are feeling etc. If the situation is triggering something off within you, be sure to own what is yours. Do your best not to match the emotions around you by reacting in kind. Most importantly remember that you always have a choice of how you respond in any given situation. You are a creator and your thoughts & emotions are part of your tool box for creation, whether they are positive or not. The more balanced, centered and connected you can remain the more choices you will have.

Exercising your ability to choose rather than react takes practice but with a little bit of focus you will very quickly find yourself in the situation where you can maintain the position of observer, noticing where your ego would like to be right or justify itself because it feels wounded in some way, without choosing to engage in any of those emotions. From this more neutral perspective, you then have positive options available to you. You can choose an emotional response that will have a calming effect on the situation or you might choose to simply walk away because there is nothing that you can do in that moment to make a difference.

Each time we take the opportunity to choose consciously how we respond to a situation we are contributing to the co-creation of a more expanded template for life that will eventually provide new opportunities for all.