Sugilite works very well at the crown chakra, which acts as a channel for the entrance of universal energies into the body and mind and defines, sustains, and energizes the whole chakra system. Sugilite helps the crown to integrate this influx of spiritual energy into daily living. It can be useful for those who are very sensitive, or who find it difficult to feel at ease with modern life.

Synonyms: Luvulite.Royal Lavulite. Royal Azel.

Energy: integrated, balanced, alienated

Colors: purple, sometimes with darker veins

Uses: Sugilite is employed in dreaming, divine communication, channeling, out of body experience, multidimensional awareness and travel. Enhances psychic abilities and helps to charge the energy body.

Birthstone: Virgo
Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Chakra: Crown

Rough Sugilite


Carry or wear sugilite to promote confidence and courage
Place Sugilite by your bed to ease worries and enhance mental rest
Give Sugilite as a sign of forgiveness
Hold sugilite in your hand to draw the energy of physical discomfort from anywhere in your body
Keep sugilite with you to allow yourself to express your eccentricities
Put sugilite in the rooms of children who need to overcome learning disabilities
Work with sugilite to help you find your life path

Empowering sugilite gives you the confidence to express yourself

Sugilite Cabochon Gemstone

Sugilite has been called “a love stone for this age.” Its vibration is of true spiritual love and encourages the manifestation of this vital energy in our surroundings and very being. It assists the user in resonating with the energy of the New Age and attuning to the perfect state of higher planes. Use of Sugilite enables the flow of this energy to enter the crown chakra and flow through all the chakras helping with the connection to source.

It assists with the gift of forgiveness both to yourself and others and empowers the user in discovering the unique gifts they have brought into this world. Sugilite makes it easier to become accepting of others and to be present to the here and now. Sugilite is wonderful for situations where there is a possibility that anger, disappointment or conflict could prevail. It removes negativity, supports a feeling of well-being and empowers co-creation. Sugilite seems to protect against, absorb and dissipate anger, hurt and other unwanted negative energies.

It is a nurturing and balancing stone at all levels.

Sugilite is extremely effective in those wishing to explore the relationship between physical health and the mental body. It attracts healing power and enables insight into the base causes that manifest as physical problems, whilst enabling the user to channel large amounts of energy and balancing the emotions. Sugilite that is included with veins of Manganese is particularly effective.

Sugilite is incredibly effective at removing headaches. Placed on the forehead it seems to draw out the pain in moments.