The physical heart and the heart chakra are the centers of the physical and subtle bodies and have an important effect on every organ and bodily system. The ruby, which acts on all levels of the heart, is thus an important healing stone.

Energy: encouraging, helpful, sustaining

Colors: deep red to bright purple-red, shades of pink and lavender

Uses: A variety of corundum, ruby builds inner strength, amplifies inner energy, enhances personal empowerment, insight, creativity, physical and mental strength, and activates the life force. Ruby is beneficial for building energy and drive. Aids the heart and circulatory system, and is excellent for “doubling out”, which is being in the physical world and the “other” world at the same time; clarity, friendship, passion, and protection.

Star Sign: Sagittarius
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Chakra: Heart


Wear ruby to increase passion

Carry or wear ruby if you are pregnant to promote the healthy development of your baby

Place a ruby near your bed to promote health and healing

Carry ruby to balance the menstrual cycle and ease discomfort

Put a ruby in your bag or pocket to attract wealth

Hold ruby to speed your thought process

Strengthening Ruby helps you make decisions for magical change and wondrous new beginnings

Ruby is a protective stone for home, worldly possessions, children, and psychic protection.

The Ruby promotes wealth, protection, power, joy, and is an anti-nightmare stone.

It is a stone of high energy and power that promotes healing on all levels.

Jewelry set with rubies is said to banish sadness and produce joy.

It is ruled by Mars and worn to increases energies.

Ruby brings integrity, devotion, and happiness.

It enhances generosity and brings prosperity.

Ruby brings and increases romantic love.