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The Holly Tree {Celtic Astrology ~ July 8th ~ August 4th}

The Fire Festival Of Lammas Celtic Symbol: The Unicorn And The Flaming Spear Zodiac Degrees: 15º00` Cancer – 11º59` Leo Ruling Planet: Earth – Abred; Sabbat: Lughnasa, Celtic festival of the Sun God Lugh, Lammas; Color: Red; Element: Fire Ancient Gods Associated With Earth: Greek – Gaia, Ceres, Persephone; Celtic – Danu, Lugh, Tannus, Thor Symbolism: The Sword of Truth, Unconditional love, sacrifice, reincarnation, noble, high ideals,

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The Stone of Truth: Aquamarine

Aquamarine can provide a significant boost to the immune system. It has a cleansing action that, in combination with its ability to stimulate the thymus gland, can help clear infection from the body. It may, however, bring old symptoms to the surface before they are finally released. Energy: companionable, convivial Colors: green, pale blue-green, aqua Uses: Aquamarine is a form of beryl utilized

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