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Putting different crystals together in geometric patterns activates the different energies of each crystal and creates a beautiful union of their vibes -a vortex of hyper-focused intention and healing. It is called sacred geometry. Crystal grids are beautiful, creative, and really fun to make. Sacred geometry connects us to the universal creative forces that have created all matter so we can call upon the powers of creation and manifestation!

The original moon phase oracle deck. Tune to the Moon with Spirit de la Lune, an Oracle deck for Lunar Guidance.

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  1. Is sacred geometry something you set up once and reap the benefits for as long as it is there or is it more… you set it up intentionally and feel it before it fades? I’ve always been interested in these kind of things but never been motivated enough to do the research.

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    1. Thank you for your question. Sacred geometry is in everything, and everything is sacred geometry in one way or the other. We are working on a article about sacred geometry, Once you have set up a sacred geometry grid for example the force behind it will always be there and it never fades.


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