The Courage Stone: Chrysoprase

The Greeks named this stone “golden bloom” due to the golden drops that seem to be contained in the stone. It was a valuable and much sought-after stone in the Middle Ages. Being a magic stone it was recharged in the open at half moon in order to ensure good health and a happy marriage.

Colors: apple green, bright green

Uses: Chrysoprase is a variety of quartz excellent for humility, personal insight, adapting to new environments or situations, creativity, fertility, and mental wellness. Relieves gout, strengthens eyesight, aids in cultivating the art of invisibility, out-of-body, experience, psycho-navigation, and shapeshifting.

Star Sign: Cancer
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Chakra: Heart



Keep chrysoprase near you to clear the fog in your mind when you are confused
Hold chrysoprase to improve dexterity
Carry or wear chrysoprase to lift your spirits when you are feeling low
Place chrysoprase around you to create a meditative atmosphere
Put chrysoprase under your pillow to help mend a broken heart
Hold chrysoprase when you feel anxious or scared – it will reduce and calm your fears


Chrysoprase uplifts the heart chakra.

Place on heart, neck or brow for meditation.

Chrysoprase stimulates creativity and draws out unknown talents.

Chrysoprase can heal depression, excess self-focus, unbalanced emotions.

It produces greater flexibility, increases wisdom, generosity, and self-confidence.

It helps one to achieve greater personal insight, feel calmer, and become less egotistical.

This stone is an important stone for those born under the sign of Cancer for whom it provides a balance between the unconscious and the conscious.