Cinnabar is said to attract abundance, gently increasing persuasiveness and assertiveness when selling, also assists in organizational abilities, for business management. On the spiritual level, this crystals allows one to accept the placement of things as they should be. It aligns personal will with Divine will, as a magician does to create and manifest physical world rewards. Red Cinnabar is also known as “Dragons Blood”. 

Star Sign: Leo

Planet: Mercury
Element: Fire

Chakras: Root (1st), Belly / Sacral (2nd) and Third Eye (6th)


Energy: The energy of this stone may bring an increase of wealth into your business. This stone is also powerful for awakening mystic vision… and this may empower you to complete your Divine purpose for incarnating at this time.

Uses: Holding this crystal is said to release this energy; Opportunities, expansion and physical energy. Gentles unfolding of events towards a positive conclusion for all parties involved. Understanding of the undercurrents within a situation and acceptance of the directions that need to be considered. Mental fluidity and direction to your purpose. Agreements and Contracts;. Entrepreneurial endeavors; New Business; Used to accumulate wealth and abundance.

Cinnabar resonates quite strongly inside the Sacral Chakra and the Base Chakra also known as Root Chakra. This energy is also popular for raising the awakening of the Kundalini. It will also motivate the powerful flow of the life force energy inside all the lower chakras. It simulates the sexual feelings and may also increase the personal relationships.

There is a strong vibration in this stone that assists in grounding the excessive power. It takes all the excess power through the Base Chakra towards the Earth Chakra in order to facilitate the spiritual grounding. It deals with the hurt feelings of the wearer, his anger and also jealousy. It also stops him from taking the issues directly to his heart.



Cinnabar is a strong gemstone used for meditation.  This stone helps to facilitate a clear understanding of the actual flow of the energy from the source of Divine to this physical world. This crystal will also encourage a powerful flow of the same energy towards the physical world.

When people use this gemstone in meditation it enables the person to get the entire flow of energy, divine connection, and healing process.

Cinnabar is an excellent stone for business to assist in manifesting money. The awesome way to make the use of this gemstone is to keep this crystal close to the place where you accept funds, money, checks, cash, etc., Cinnabar will also help you be able to ascertain the exact reason(s) that may be blocking prosperity and abundance in your life.

Cinnabar aids the sales people as it enhances boldness and may also aid the wearer’s speech to be clearer and more influential. It is also popular for simulating an increase in self-confidence and also facilitates the wearer to be more fluent in his communication. Cinnabar is used for manifestation and also for wealth creation.

Other properties: A merchant “money magnet” providing for the accumulation and maintenance of wealth.

Physical Areas: Prostate, lower pelvis area, the pit of the stomach, energy in the hands, improved flow of energy behind the neck. Promotes vitality and power and is good for blood issues including the formation of white blood cells and detoxification, provides a resistance to germs.  Cinnabar assists in treating fungal and viral infections. Blood, strength, and flexibility in physical body, stabilizing weight, fertility.

Note: Cinnabar is a toxic mineral. Due to its mercury toxicity, great care must be taken when handling Cinnabar. Always wear gloves if handling the crystals themselves, never use in elixirs and wash hands thoroughly after handling. And to protect the stones keep them enclosed in airtight containers.



One of the stones of abundance, Cinnabar is strongly energetic with wealth and abundance.
Place in a cash box, money jar, piggy bank or/and money corner to increase income and to hold onto wealth.
Increases persuasiveness and assertiveness,.
Aids in business transactions without causing any aggression.
Assists not for profit organizations, community work, business, and finance.
Enhances your persona with dignity and power. 
Mentally Cinnabar imparts fluency to the mind and to speech.

Cinnabar is said to have been used to attract abundance in wealth and support altruistic businesses.


Releases buried resentment

Stimulates the third eye, gives greater insight of future

Assists in actualizing dreams

Cinnabar has associations with metal magic, spiritual alchemy, and merchant alchemy

Create prosperity

Legend: Cinnabar was mined by the Roman Empire for its mercury content and it has been the main ore of mercury throughout the centuries. Some mines used by the Romans are still being mined today. Cinnabar shares the same symmetry class with quartz but the two form different crystal habits.


Cinnabar assists the spiritual alchemist, stimulating psychic transformation and manifestation of spiritual energy. Cinnabar enhances spiritual perception and facilitates the development of shape shifting abilities.  Cinnabar helps to release unacknowledged negative emotions.

Cinnabar is a colorful mineral that adds a unique color to the mineral color palette. It’s cinnamon to scarlet red color can be very attractive. Well shaped crystals are uncommon and the twinned crystals are considered classics among collectors. The twinning in cinnabar is distinctive and forms a penetration twin that is ridged with six ridges surrounding the point of a pyramid. It could be thought of as two cathedral crystals grown together with one crystal going the opposite way of the other crystal.

Cinnabar is the primary ore of mercury. Mercury is used in medical instruments, electrical controls and as a fungicide. It was once used to recover gold from stream sediments and crushed ore, however, other methods are now used instead.Occurrence: Notable occurrences include Almaden, Spain; Idria, Serbia; Hunan Prov, China, and California, Oregon, Texas, and Arkansas, USA.

Cinnabar is a mercury sulfide mineral and generally occurs as vein deposits in areas of volcanic and hot spring activity. Cinnabar is a common ore of mercury, and raw specimens should be handled with caution.

Cinnabar crystals are rare and sought after by collectors.



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