A combination of three minerals, Green Epidote, Pink Feldspar and Quartz, Unakite is a balancing stone that keeps the trio of mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects attuned.

Unakite (or Epidote) can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the Heart Chakra.

Unakite fills the being with an unconditional love bond for all the living beings on the Earth with a meaning that what we have belongs to each other. It also promotes reunion, connection, and peace.

Energy: Receptive

Powers: Clarity and transformation

Keywords: Gentle calming energy, self-healing, recovery

Uses:  Brings mental clarity, Helps one to access angelic guidance, Quickly unblocks stagnant energy, Instills a deep peace

Psychic: Unakite is a very powerful psychic connector. It will boost communication with ancestors, angels, loved ones (past and present) and spirit guides as well as help you access the Akashic records. It will also boost telepathic links with all animals.

Star Sign: Scorpio
Planet: Mars & Venus
Element: Fire & Water

Chakra: Heart
Numerical Vibration: #9
Colors: various shades of green and pink/salmon
Candle Color: Pink/moss green
Flowers & Plants: Hibiscus and passionflower.
Herbs – Incenses – Oils: Apple blossom, moss, rose and yarrow.


Unakite Jasper is a useful stone for pregnant women. We recommend women have it during pregnancy and childbirth because it teaches us to have patience and reminds us that anything that is worth having is worth waiting for. It is also believed to benefit the female reproductive system, aiding in a healthy mother, baby and birthing process. Place a unakite stone on your belly to foster a connection between you and your baby in your womb. The unakite meaning is also useful for children who are sensitive. It helps them be resilient in the face of adversity, grief or disappointment.

Unakite is excellent at removing obstacles to your personal growth. Whether it is an issue from childhood or last month’s divorce that is draining your energy and holding you back. Meditations with this gemstone will aid in releasing pain and anger that you are having trouble letting go of.

You may use Unakite to build your self-confidence, as it strengthens your courage, assisting you in taking control of the aspects of your life that you can yield power over. Giving you the confidence to transform anger and fear into positive constructive energies. Like love and compassion for yourself.



Placed on the 3rd eye, it provides powerful visions from the celestial realm, opens us up to spiritual growth and psychic visions, provides grounding, especially after meditations, astral journeying or any kind of intuitive work, great for re-birthing, a process that helps us deal with the events of our past which have caused blockages in our chakras and meridians. Re-birthing helps us get rid of whatever has been inhibiting our growth, goes beneath the surface of our existence which makes it useful for scrying, shows us where compromise and blending are needed.

  • Wear it as a necklace or jewelry for ongoing, everyday support.
  • Place it in your environment, to support specific activities, like work.
  • Meditate while holding it to receive deep insight, guidance, and healing.
  • It can assist one in finding one s animal guide.


In case you have been feeling very depressed of feeling you do not know what the future is having for you, sleep with a piece of Unakite gemstone, just keep it below your pillow. It is a brilliant support in case you are facing trouble while sleeping, and will help you in case you are tensed.

It also contains big powerful vibration in heart chakra and thymus chakra that is also called as higher heart chakra. The high heart chakra is regarding compassion and love, and also contains love for self. Unakite is very supportive in case you have less self-esteem and have to develop a great love for you. It links the thymus chakra energy with the vibration of the heart chakra, helping you to be much compassionate and loving towards yourself and others.

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Unakite balances emotions with spirituality. When placed on the third eye, Unakite opens, promotes visualization and psychic awareness while providing a grounding vibration.For Gaia Healing, Unakite may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy. Unakite is a useful stone for gridding, as it helps to negate the effects of electromagnetic pollution.

  • Unakite is a stone with gentle but powerful energy
  • Balance your emotions and enhance your visualization skills
  • Use it to locate the cause of a problem in past life healing
  • Gain confidence and control in magic spell casting
  • Helps with healing of abandonment and separation issues
  • Find your animal guide – offers assistance in connection and reunion
  • Place Unakite in any room to stimulate a calm and gentle energy
  • Lift your spirits when you are down and see the true beauty in life
  • Unakite can be useful for transforming deep emotional scarring and trauma towards self-acceptance, self-respect, and self-love.
  • Unakite can be used to enhance psychic visioning when used in meditation.
  • It can help aid negative energy and lift your spirits when you are feeling down.
  • It can help uncover deception and aid the wearer to see the beauty in life.

Called by some a unification stone because it unifies different minerals in itself, Unakite is said to give a feeling of oneness to the wearer and to help to defend against dividing energies.

This stone works to alleviate feelings of pain, anger, and stress by emitting soothing and therapeutic frequencies into its environment. Therefore, it can be especially useful if bad news has you feeling down. During such times, you may use or wear the stone to allow its energies to ease away your pain or heartache.

It is also one of the best gemstones for the gardens as it protects their gardens. It is a great source of peace, love and carries calming effect along with it. It can also be used as a gemstone to gain some weight to achieve a good health.


Unakite gemstone is a very beautiful gemstone, which is extremely spiritual. It will carry you through optimism and serenity regarding the future and will also help your spiritual development. It is a nice gemstone to utilize during the complicated situations the world suffering through. Unakite gemstone has secured element in its makeup and it will support you to reduce negative energies and habits that might be holding you back.

It can heighten courage levels, and can also assist you to build a higher degree of self-confidence. Better developed self-esteem can help you to gain control in areas where you’d previously feared to establish it. Whether you are nervous to ask for a raise at work or are fearful of dating again, this stone can help you to establish the confidence you need. In the process, it will transform fear into a positive and constructive energy, such as love, kindness, optimism, etc.

Try meditating with it held at either your crown or third eye chakra. You will find that it not only has the qualities already mentioned, but it also heightens psychic awareness, especially when held to the third eye area.

Unakite not only strengthens the bond in a marriage but can also be used in other types of relationships such as friendships, family, and even coworkers, as it facilitates compassion and understanding, which is vital in any type of relationship. So the Unakite can also be used as a friendship jewelry or be placed at your workplace to create an environment of kindness and love and repel negative feelings and thoughts, that are only polluting the surroundings



Many illnesses emerge from unhealed past experience and trauma. The fact that unakite balances emotions is the reason that it works so well to enable healing within the body. It is known to support recuperation from severe illness, to enhance health within the reproductive system (which is why it is commonly used to make fertility bracelets); and to fortify the health of unborn babies.

Additionally, it is believed to enhance healing within skin tissue, promote hair growth, protect us from EMF radiation; and is sometimes used to increase weight gain in targeted areas of the body. Unakite also promotes sound sleep and is grounding when required to be.

  • Unakite is useful in treating heart and respiratory disease.
  • Unakite can assist tissue repair.
  • Unakite is helpful in treating dysfunction of the reproductive system.
  • Benefits the heart and circulatory system
  • Aids the functions of the female reproductive system, and to a lesser degree, the male reproductive system
  • Eases and comforts during pregnancy


Unakite is not overly porous but still should not be subjected to harsh chemicals.  It should also not be placed in ultrasonic cleaning equipment as they have been known to damage the gemstone.

Use of a mild soap and water with a soft bristle brush (toothbrush) should be good enough.  Rinse piece and pat dry with soft, lint-free cloth.  You can also clean them with a damp cloth.  If you are unsure about cleaning any of your jewelry, always consult a professional jeweler for instructions.


Considered the perfect yin yang stone, unakite helps us balance our masculine and feminine sides, be more nurturing and helps us foster healthy relationships with newfound balanced emotions. Enhances the relationship between mother and child. Place in the partnership gua or children gua.

Pale green blended with salmon pink-balancing, harmonizing, argument settling, releases energy blockages. South West/West especially

Unakite crystal is the perfect pocket enhancer crystal for the yin fire Rooster year as its qualities are perfect for a yin fire year and this stunning piece of the finest quality is combined with two very auspicious i-ching coins and harnessed with an extremely powerful thought form to give ultimate protection for wealth and legal issues, a superb crystal to energize and clear negative energy in 2017 and should be placed in your pocket, purse, wallet, handbag, backpack or as close to you as possible.



First discovered in the United States in the Unakas mountains of North Carolina, unakite is an altered granite composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and generally colorless quartz. It exists in various shades of green and pink and is usually mottled in appearance. In good quality, unakite is considered a semi precious stone, will take a good polish and is often used in jewelry and other lapidary work such as eggs, spheres and other carvings like animals. It is also referred to as epitomized granite. In some of the Blue Ridge occurrences, an epitomized Augen gneiss is present exhibiting foliation structures.

Unakite can be found as pebbles and cobbles from glacial drift in the beach rock on the shores of Lake Superior. It occurs in Virginia where it is found in the river valleys after having been washed down from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Unakite is not limited to the United States but has also been reported from South Africa, Sierra Leone, Brazil, and China. Some material labeled unakite lacks the feldspar and is more properly epidosite.

Unakite…or epidote with feldspar as it is also known, consists of a combination of deformed red jasper and green epidote solidly bound together, thus creating the beautiful pistachio and pink coloring. The splashes of soft peach against a fresh green colored background make Unakite a much beloved and magical gemstone.

Very compact and hard. It’s spring colors and compact, hard structure make it a nice stone for jewelry.


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