What Is The Pentagram/Pentacle?

The Pentagram and Pentacle are commonly the most famous symbols of Witchcraft and are symbolic of the power of Spirit as the overriding power controlling elements.  As the cross is to Christianity and the six-pointed star to Judaism, so the pentagram is a symbol of the magickal craft of Witchcraft. The Pentagram is an image … Continue reading What Is The Pentagram/Pentacle?

Creating Your Own Book Of Shadows

As with all spiritual texts, there is a large debate about where and how a book of shadows came into use. Some say they were prevalent during the Middle Ages, written only in Runic alphabets to hide their magickal meanings. Some say the witches during the Middle Ages were illiterate and the books of shadow … Continue reading Creating Your Own Book Of Shadows

Signs If You’re A White Witch

Are you a witch? Witchcraft is real and is all around us but what does it mean to be a witch? How can you tell? What are the signs of a witch? Well, they may not have hooked noses, green faces, and warts, not even the dark witches, but they do believe in magic! Tudorbeth shares 11 signs you’re a … Continue reading Signs If You’re A White Witch


The particular color of a garnet specimen will determine its exact effect, but garnet will always work to focus and activate. Red garnets are best for energizing stones for the body, speeding up all processes and amplifying the effects of other stones placed nearby. Other Varieties of Garnet: Andradite. Grossularite. Hessonite. Melanite. Pyrope. Rhodolite. Spessartite. Uvarovite. … Continue reading THE VIBRANT BODY STONE: GARNET

Red Raspberry July 23 to August 22 {Medicine Wheel Plant}

Reminds you to be grateful for all of life’s ups and downs. Gender: Feminine Planet: Venus Element: Water Powers: Protection, Love MAGICAL USES Raspberry leaves contain very powerful, nurturing magic. They are connected with the Great Earth Mother and will remind you to love and honor your family and community. The brambles (branches) of the … Continue reading Red Raspberry July 23 to August 22 {Medicine Wheel Plant}

Salmon: Birth Totem July 22 – August 21

Birth Totem Salmon Birth dates: July 22 - August 21 Birth Totem is: Salmon Clan of: Thunderbird / Hawk (Fire Chief) Wind is: South Directional Totem is: Coyote Conscious intent is: To Create Motive of Higher Self is: Gain Insight Plant/Flower: Raspberry Mineral: Carnelian Keywords: Creative. Passionate. Courageous. Loyal. Prideful Birth Totem Salmon is an individual whose outer … Continue reading Salmon: Birth Totem July 22 – August 21