Smoky quartz is a stone of quietness. It contains within its hidden interior the seeds of change and of new beginnings and the potential for creativity. Smoky quartz has a gentle focusing and grounding energy.

Whereas clear quartz enlivens and radiates light energy, smoky quartz absorbs and stores all energy. This type of quartz is useful in any situation where there is confusion or over activity.Energy: potential, beginnings, change

Colors: medium to dark brown and chocolate brown-black

Uses: for grounding, centering, connecting to the Earth, healing and building prosperity. Neutralizes negative influences and balances the nervous system. Smoky quartz is helpful for radiation-related illnesses. Used for crystal scrying.

Star Sign: Capricorn
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Chakra: Base

smoky quartz point


Wear smoky quartz to dispel negative energy

Put smoky quartz in your bedroom to boost sexuality

Place smoky quartz by your bed to enhance dream interpretation

Hold smoky quartz to increase the healing energy that flows through your hands

Keep smoky quartz near you at times of loss to ease grief

Place smoky quartz in your living room to bring calm and help you ground your energies and relax at the end of the day

smoky quartz

Grounding smoky quartz encourages peace

Smoky quartz is a good luck stone.

Smoky quartz can assist in tapping subconscious wisdom.

Smoky quartz removes negative energies, bringing happiness.

It brings calm and centering, lifts depression, enhances practicality.

Smoky quartz is a protective stone, particularly for physical protection, protection from negativity, and psychic protection. Physically, smoky quartz is helpful for kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, reproductive organs, menstrual cramps, fertility issues, water retention.


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