Healing Ritual For Giving And Receiving Positive Energy: Epidote

Epidote healing crystals can bring your intentions and desires into your life with ease. The emphasis of this crystal is on how we give positive energy to the world around us and how we receive that energy back. It is through this giving and receiving that we can manifest our dreams and wishes easier and be surrounded by more positive energy. Epidote healing allows us to see that what we are giving out to the world around us is what we will receive in return.

Whether you’re looking for love, prosperity or protection from negative energy, the energy you put forth into the universe highly impacts the energy you receive back. In order to be more prosperous or to stop experiencing negativity from others, you have to put the energy of generosity or compassion into the world. Often times when people are stuck in a career they don’t like or they aren’t finding the right relationship, it’s because there are thoughts, beliefs and actions that they are taking that aren’t aligning with their intention. In order to have a loving partner, for example, you must give out that love and respect yourself enough to demand the same love you give out to be returned.

The epidote healing ritual breaks through these energetic blockages that are preventing you from achieving your intentions. This ritual will focus your attention on creating the energy you want to bring into your life, first by giving it out.



  1. Take your epidote crystal with you and if you can, find a secluded space outdoors. There is a different frequency when working with crystal energy outdoors, and epidote there is such a strong connection to the outdoors that it is even more powerful when you connect to that energy. Ideally, you would also have your back against a tree for a rooted experience.
  2. Hold the stone within your hands and set your intention.
  3. Repeat the affirmations: I am clear of my past. I am letting go of old emotions. I am living in the present.
  4. Hold the epidote in your right hand and place it against your heart. Then, think about one way you have been giving negativity to the universe, such as negative habits, hopelessness, frustration, greed, etc. As you visualize that pattern, extend your right hand with the crystal from your heart, away from your body and touching the earth beside you. Feel the negative energy being removed from your body.
  5. Repeat step four until you feel you’ve removed all of your negative emotions, habits, patterns, and behaviors from your body. The success of this epidote healing ritual is having an emotional breakthrough, involving crying. Epidote acts as a gentle arm around you but doesn’t allow you to get by without being truthful with yourself.
  6. Repeat the affirmation: I am giving out the energy I wish to receive. Visualize yourself giving love to those around you in the way you wish to be loved.
  7. Keep your epidote crystal with you throughout the day and whenever you feel yourself thinking or acting in a way that doesn’t align with the energy you wish to receive, hold it and refocus yourself on your intention.
  8. Practice this ritual for 10 days to help keep those negative thoughts and behaviors from entering your mind and body again.

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