The color of amazonite aligns to the heart and throat chakras. It is a calming stone that helps to balance and stabilize the nervous system. Communication, memory, and brain functions are all enhanced by amazonite.

Energy: outgoing, curious

Colors: blue-green, green

Uses: Amazonite will assist you in finding a personal truth, luck, prosperity, successful completion, growth, soothing energy, creativity, psychic ability and receiving energy.

Star Sign: Virgo
Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Chakra: Heart


Hold amazonite to calm your nerves and bring peace if you are feeling troubled
Keep amazonite near you to help you focus when studying or learning any new skill
Wear or carry amazonite to boost your aura
Place amazonite in your work place to enhance creativity and stimulate the flow of idea
Carry amazonite when you feel low – it is a “feel good” stone


Amazonite can create power.

It facilitates truth, communication, trust, and clairvoyance.

Amazonite can enhance psychic ability.

Amazonite aligns the physical and energetic bodies; it lessens stressors by its calming nature.

Amazonite heals emotional problems and effects of trauma.

Amazonite helps one to make difficult decisions.

It is a good stone for writers and creative people.

Use Amazonite to calm yourself after exposure to negativity.

 Imagine yourself and each member of humanity as a particle of water in a river. We are each individual, yet journeying the path together and being swept along by the current of life. Sometimes we hit some bumps and experience rapids or tiny waterfalls, and this ultimately accelerates our path and adds to the health of the entire river and ecosystem. We might find ourselves circling in an eddy or a whirlpool, repeating the same loop with the same water particles until the energy that held the whirlpool together shifts. Then we break free and ultimately keep moving along until we unite with the vast ocean. A stone that can keep us in balance and harmony as we flow through the river of life is Amazonite, named after the mighty Amazon river.

Amazonite is a gorgeous Microline feldspar with a vivid turquoise or blue-green color. Fine white veins are evident when polished, as well as a pearly iridescent quality. Working with Amazonite can have the same healing effects as jumping into a natural water source, such as Barton Springs–it is very balancing, refreshing, purifying, and calming. It has a powerful soothing effect on the emotions, nerves, chakras, and physical body. Amazonite can cleanse negativity from any chakra, as well as from your mental and emotional bodies, and it can keep your aura protected from EMF’s. It is also one of the best balancings and harmonizing stones out there. According to Melody, author of Love is in the Earth, Amazonite helps you to balance your masculine and feminine sides, as well as many facets of your personality and lifestyle. She says it produces a balancing and preventative energy that is ideal for general health maintenance since it aligns the physical and etheric bodies.  For all of these reasons, wearing or working with Amazonite regularly can help you to maintain a complete sense of well-being.

Amazonite has a special resonance with the heart and throat chakras. It helps you to tune into the truth that resides in your heart and to live and express it with integrity. I agree with Naisha Ahsian, co-author of The Book of Stones, that Amazonite can help those who fear conflict to speak up and set appropriate, loving boundaries when necessary.  Interpersonal relationships can have many complex layers. In certain situations, Amazonite has helped me to clarify all of my feelings and to value myself enough to express them–even the uncomfortable ones–in the highest and most heartfelt ways possible. I highly recommend this stone for anyone who is experiencing throat chakra blockage due to fear of expression. This is a core pattern that can relate to hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), which seems to affect lots of women. Oh, and one other unrelated but a noteworthy property of Amazonite: it has been historically used to increase the flow of prosperity, new customers, and good fortune in business.  What’s not to love about this stone?


  1. Great information – I love amazonite, I used it in conjunction with apatite when I was giving up smoking. Thank you! 💕

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  2. I just purchased amazonite over the weekend. I was told that I need help with clearing my throat chakra. It’s 100% true because I’ve seen nothing but amazonite information after my purchase. Before my purchase I knew very little about the precious stone.

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    1. Welcome to the fabulous healing properties of Amazonite. This stone is absolutely lovely to look at but also a powerful healer. And it works in conjunction with other stones as well.

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