Day: August 5, 2017

Full Moon ~ Lunar Eclipse August 7~8, 2017

FULL MOON WITH A PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE IS MONDAY, AUGUST 7 AT 12:10 PM MOUNTAIN DAYLIGHT TIME (MDT). This is the first of the 2 eclipses bookending a time of intensity and a major opportunity for growth. The Full Moon is a perfect time…

Hazel Tree: August 5 ~ September 1 {Celtic Astrology}

Celtic Symbol: The Rainbow Salmon Zodiac Degrees: 12º00` Leo – 8º59` Virgo Ruling Planet: Mercury – Mugher; Element: Air; Color: Orange Ancient Gods Associated With Mercury: Greek – Hermes; Celtic – Ogma, Manannan, Artemis, Diana Symbolism : Wisdom & Divination, Poetry & Science, Playfulness & Enchantment, Healing Arts Gemstone: Amethyst,…

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