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The Power of Crystals: The Legacy of Marcel Vogel

** There is a myriad of sources, in books and on the Internet where you may learn about healing with crystals. Their focus and complexity, like the crystals themselves, come in many assorted flavors. Mainly, this data consists of sincere teachings by alternative therapists. But if you research the subject, you also will find reams of other material about crystals

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An Eclipse opens a portal, releasing waves of energy that is available to us all, giving us a rare opportunity to get in touch with and listen to the inner voice of our intuition, our inner knowing, and wisdom, our inner compass. It is the beginning of an Eclipse cycle that is ushering us into a new and transformative life-changing

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Eclipse Sigil-Making Magick Corn Moon: Abundance — Spirit de la Lune

Happy Full Corn Moon & Lunar Eclipse! This month we are tapping into this powerful lunar event and creating sigils for abundance! Keep on reading to learn how to utilize this energy for your prosperity!This is a very powerful Lunar Eclipse with many astrological aspects influencing Source: Eclipse Sigil-Making Magick Corn Moon: Abundance — Spirit de la Lune  

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