Full Moon in Aquarius

I write this as I sit in the early morning hours when I can enjoy the beauty of Venus Rising ~ one of my favorite morning rituals is to see and feel her beauty as she rises so brightly in the east. I love her as much as the Moon itself….she is one of my sky guides.

This morning (11:10 am PST) or afternoon (2:10 pm EST) we enter a Full Moon in Aquarius. Many of you have been hearing about the upcoming eclipses this month and this Full Moon is partnered with a partial lunar eclipse. Did you know that Lunar eclipses can only happen on a Full Moon and Solar eclipses only on a New Moon? Eclipses definitely hold an intensity that will pull on us to look more deeply at our patterns and show us the importance of showing up for ourselves.

Aquarius is a masculine, Air sign, ruled by Uranus and Saturn, and rules the calves and ankles. Aquarians are independent, progressive, and original thinkers. They love to help others, fight for causes and have a good intellectual conversation. I had the pleasure of living with an Aquarian for a few months and she taught me how to connect to my dreams by giving them time to fill me, to feel the world of possibilities beyond my doorstep, and think deeply.

Full Moons are a time of illumination. This Aquarius Full Moon is a great time to harness the Air Element to sweep out and move stale, stuck minds. Aquarius, the Water Bearer, encourages us to draw down energies from divine places, bring forward our ideas, and go beyond our knowledge into the unknown.

This Full Moon in Aquarius also falls under the celebration of Lammas, a time for celebrating the Corn Mother. Stories around the Corn Mother Goddess span across the continent. She is known as the Corn Mother or Corn Maiden to the Native Americans or the Great Mother Goddess, Demeter in Greek mythology, Other well known Corn Mothers are the Egyptian Goddess Isis, and the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen. In all cultures, her themes are abundance, energy, fertility, harvest, health, grounding, divinity and strength. The Corn mother brings with her the bounty of the earth itself, with all her nurturing and healing capabilities. Corn Mother Goddess brings her love for you in the form of food to tell you it is time to nourish yourself.

So let us celebrate the Corn Mother under this Aquarius Full Moon ~ to keep us nurtured, to help us to move stagnant mindscapes into a place of gratitude and abundance. To connect to the energies of Aquarius in her light of possibilities!

Below are a few ceremonies to celebrate and nurture yourself and those you love:

  1. Make a Corn Dolly Goddess: gather some dried out corn husks, wheat, raffia, ribbon, and scissors. Creating your doll can be a fun way to tap into your creative side! Here is a video that can help you start and below are a few pictures of some that can spur your imagination. Let your creative juices flow ~ and when finished place it on your altar, in your kitchen or hang her in a beautiful space. It will be a beautiful reminder of the abundance that is available to you … daily!


  2. A beautiful nourishment ritual is to celebrate the Corn Mother in the form of food. Making a soup is a beautiful ceremony in itself and doing it with intention, under the Full Moon, and during Lammas, is a beautiful beginning to something you may find yourself incorporating weekly or daily.
    1. Gather together, a candle (any color will do because her colors are all colors of the rainbow!), your Corn Dolly or a picture or Corn Woman, Myrrh, Rose, Lavender or Sage essential oil.
    2. Stand in the middle of the kitchen and set a good intention for the ritual and food you are about to prepare; thank the Mother Goddess for all her nurturing foods.
    3. Rub down your counters with oil purifying your sacred space.
    4. Light your candle and if you like, light incense.
    5. Place your dolly or image of the Corn Mother near the candle
    6. Choose a few gemstones to add to your counter altar, aquamarine, amethyst or opal are great additions for this Full Moon. Cleanse your gemstones and place them on the counter where they feel best. If you feel inspired, place your cleaned gemstones into your grain and let it sit over night before using. If you have made your Moon Water, add some to the soup ~ it will give it additional nourishment from the light of the Moon.
    7. Wash your food that needs to washing and then place all the food on the counter in front of you and give thanks to the Mother Goddess for her bounty. Ask that the food nourish all who eat it and that it be delicious and bring health and comfort.
    8. Enjoy!
  3. For your altar under this Aquarius Full Moon gather the colors of silver, pearl white, or any multi colored items or cloth. Gemstones to hold, wear or place on the altar are Aquamarine, Amethyst, Opal. Take a few moments to meditate on the promise of things to come. Make contact with the magnetic energy currents of the atmosphere to recharge your body and connect to the cosmic energy of things to come…know your potential. TRUST in the promise of things to come.

This is a time of energy to harness. If you can turn it into nourishment, it will feed you and your life.  Don’t forget to put out your Moon Water Gems.

Moon Water

Eclipses are always a time of intensified energies and listening to your body during this time is a great way to understanding your needs and learning about your own healing powers. Tap into your courage and let your heart be heard with the powerful energy of this Moon.

You know how much I love working with water, gemstones and Grandmother Moon! So here are a few ways to work with the water, gemstones and the Moon before, during and after this eclipse/full moon.


  1. Choose a beautiful glass container and if you have one that is gold or orange or purple ~ those are wonderful colors to use under this Full Moon. Choose one that has a lid and can hold enough for you to take a sip a day until the next Full Moon.
  2. Fill your container with fresh water ~ preferably high alkaline water as it is so healing internally.
  3. If you like add a few gemstones, this moon particularly likes pyrite, citrine, amber or yellow topaz ~ but if other gemstones are calling you, LISTEN!  Place the crystals in a glass bowl of water and then place your container in the middle of the stones to collect their energy and healing properties.
  4. Place your container outside tonight under the Full Moon ~ if you can place it an hour before the eclipse/full moon that would be magical!  If not, do it when you can and place it where it can catch the Moon light.  If you do not have a window or option for catching moonlight ~ again, do not worry as your intention is heard and Grandmother Moon is above and listening! Full Moon is at 4:32 pm PST (5:32 MST,6:32 CST, 7:32 EST).
  5. Talk to your water/gemstones and share your intention and dreams for this Full Moon and the next 30 days.  Your water will gather the energy of Grandmother Moon as she sits through the night.
  6. In the morning, preferably before sunrise, gather your water and take your first sip on an empty stomach.  Each morning take a sip (on an empty stomach) and strengthen yourself with the properties of the full moon and your intention! Liquid Moon light ~
  7. Meditate on your intentions even for those few seconds as you start your day and you will feel the internal shift that is happening ~ you are your best healer and the tools you have to work with are numerous.

Here are a few thoughts to ponder when placing your intention into your Moon Water ~

  • What are your visions for this year?
  • Where does this Full Moon speak to you in your body?
  • What emotions is she stirring in your body today?
  • Where do you hold your courage in your body?
  • What are you ready to release?
  • How will you bring in your feminine creative powers under this Leo Moon?

Moon water is a beautiful way to keep yourself looking forward and connecting with your visions and intentions.  It strengthens female powers ~ whether used by men or women.


Grab your gemstones, pyrite, citrine, yellow topaz or whatever calls to you, and place them in the bathtub under the running water as you fill the tub.  Add bath salts, and a few drops of essential oils, Jasmine is a beautiful fragrance for this moon and will help you to remember your soul’s original intention.  Get into the bath if possible prior to the Full Moon (4:32 pm PST) and create intentions for yourself immersed in the waters.


Place your favorite gemstones under the Moon to charge them up with your intentions and the energy of the Moon.  I love to place them in the shape of a mandala or spiral ~ again listen to the crystals and your inner voice to what is best for you.

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