Tarot Major Arcana and Crystal Associations

The Tarot Major Arcana and crystals/stones that are associated with each of the 22 cards The Fool Journey, trust in the Universe, the child-within, new beginnings Blue lace agate The Magician Consciousness, Conscious mind, directing the will Clear Quartz, Opal The High Priestess Intuition, subconscious, dreams, the bridge between our conscious and Higher selves Pearl, azurite, chalcedony The … Continue reading Tarot Major Arcana and Crystal Associations

Daily Predictions for Sunday, 13 August 2017

General Daily Predictions: Mercury turns retrograde today and, even worse, by doing so now most of the planets are in retrograde motion. You could say “half”, but truth is that the Sun and the Moon can’t turn retrograde. And whatever the case, if we count Chiron amongst the planets, we have 6 planets in retrograde … Continue reading Daily Predictions for Sunday, 13 August 2017

Animal Totem: Spirit of Coyote

SPIRIT OF COYOTE Role: Trickster Lesson: Trust & Seeing through Illusion Element: Fire/Air Wind: South Recalling the Child Within Medicine: Shapeshifting  Wisdom & Folly. Guile & Innocence. Stealth. Ability to Laugh at one's Self. Hidden Lessons. Intelligence. Childlike Trust. Song of Life. Trickster. Shapeshifting. Teaching the Importance of Fun & Play. A cry fills the night … Continue reading Animal Totem: Spirit of Coyote

Bear ~ Birth Totem

BIRTH TOTEM BEAR Birth dates: August 22 - September 22 Birth Totem is: Bear Clan of: Turtle (Earth Chief) Wind is: South Directional Totem is: Coyote Conscious intent is: Discernment Motive of Higher Self is: Soul's Perfection Plant/Flower: Violet Mineral: Topaz  Discerning. Careful. Practical. Precise. Kind. Critical Birth Totem Bear is an individual whose outer personality is … Continue reading Bear ~ Birth Totem