Doodling Your Way To Happiness

Are you a chronic doodler? Do your notes from meetings have a border of puppy faces, three-dimensional cubes, or some other artwork in the margins? Don’t be embarrassed by your proclivity to draw, color, or simply move your pen around the page making designs everywhere. In fact, and hold onto your hats for this, new … Continue reading Doodling Your Way To Happiness

Daily Predictions for Friday, 18 August 2017

General Daily Predictions: Today Moon will a hexagon with retrograde Mercury, a triangle with retrograde Neptune and an opposition with the retrograde Pluto. There is also a square with Jupiter forming later on. This is a day that a good start doesn’t necessarily mean a pleasant ending. Communications are somewhat helped. That is quite an … Continue reading Daily Predictions for Friday, 18 August 2017

The Vogel® Crystal Healing Process

ORIENTATION It is assumed that some introduction, discussion, therapeutic intervention or another process of information gathering has preceded this form of treatment. It is important for the facilitator to have some background and understanding of what is going on with the client and their life. A normal type of intake interview protocol would suffice. The … Continue reading The Vogel® Crystal Healing Process

Our Passion For Crystals

Since time began, Humankind has been fascinated by the Crystal Kingdom. From the spiritual majesty of Australia’s Uluru rock to the simple beauty of beach pebbles, we cannot help but notice the minerals of our Earth. We want to touch them, we want to use them. Perhaps this should not be surprising as we ourselves … Continue reading Our Passion For Crystals