Our Passion For Crystals

Since time began, Humankind has been fascinated by the Crystal Kingdom. From the spiritual majesty of Australia’s Uluru rock to the simple beauty of beach pebbles, we cannot help but notice the minerals of our Earth. We want to touch them, we want to use them.

Perhaps this should not be surprising as we ourselves have crystalline bodies and this is one reason why crystals have become a natural tool for healing purposes. It is known from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs on Emerald slabs that they were used for therapeutic & cosmetic purposes. Various tribes around the world still use minerals and crystals for magic, ceremony, and healing. However they are used, they are powerful tools and need to be respected. As they are tools, they can be used for negative as well as positive reasons and therefore cleansing and dedicating a newly found crystal is one of the first priorities we need to attend to, so that a crystal  “from this point on, is only used for the highest good of all”.

The negative potential of crystals has caused some religious belief systems to assume that anyone connected with Crystal Healing must be a practitioner of the Dark Arts! Nothing could be further from the truth. However, it is always wise to go to a properly trained Crystal Healer to be sure of a safe and caring healing experience. As crystals are tools they are only as good and as pure as the practitioner who is using them. Your intent is what most influences your experience with a crystal.

Science knows that crystals such as Quartz, Corundum (Ruby, Sapphire), Tourmaline, Diamond etc absorb, store and transmit energy that passes through them. This in modern times has been used to great effect in the industry, in items such as computers and watches, in medicine and surgery and now in Space programs. Although Quartz, in particular, is grown artificially within a few days, (for industrial purposes), it is interesting that when it is needed for programs in a space rocket, only natural Quartz will do, as its greater precision in storing and transmitting signals is vital in outer space. It makes you respect crystals, even more, when you think those special abilities have taken millions of years to evolve and grow



The Crystal Kingdom has developed into a huge variety of form and color. According to those who have learned to use and love them, each crystal group has been found to have its own variety of healing and spiritual uses. You will find, as you read various books on the subject, the same crystal may appear to have different qualities, depending on which book you read! This is not to be fretted over, as understanding the qualities of crystals is like looking at a gemstone and that, while it is the same gemstone, each person cannot help but look at it in a different way, through its different facets, thus receiving different facets of the same truth. Secondly, each individual will resonate in a unique way with each piece of crystal and therefore each of us will react in a unique way to it. For this reason, it is very important we also learn to use and trust our intuition when choosing the ‘right’ crystal for a particular reason. Just because the book you are looking at doesn’t recommend your crystal for that particular purpose, doesn’t mean you have picked the ‘wrong’ crystal. Many of us have learned that crystals choose you! This is due to intuition and personal energy resonance – the two vibrations of your crystal and your self, vibrating in harmony, an entrainment of comfortable knowing.



Here are two examples of crystals chosen for a very different purpose from what you might expect, according to commonly accepted beliefs. Rose Quartz is traditionally and widely accepted as a crystal for emotional balance. As a Crystal Healer, I was surprised, one day, to be Spiritually Guided to use it to cleanse the negative effects of chemotherapy. This was specific to one patient’s needs and may not be appropriate for everyone in this situation. Another example was in the use of Ruby. I have a gentleman I have seen as a client for many years and he suffers from S.A.D. each winter. We have found that Ruby, placed around his head, on the pillow, affects these depleted energies, and uplifts his mood considerably. Ruby is traditionally a crystal for the lower body, especially as a grounding crystal.

So, you may begin to see, crystals can be used in a variety of ways for Spiritual and healing purposes. From Spiritual Development, healing, and energy balancing, to psychic awareness and protection; also for strengthening the mind, the energies of the body and the emotions, not to mention the Spirit. They also have a place in balancing and cleansing the energies of the home, the garden, your pets and in the workplace.

Crystals also come in every conceivable size, shape, polish and color variation. Some people will only work with natural untouched crystals as they want to be sure they are in their original, natural shapes, such as clusters, single crystals and ‘massive’ forms (slabs or chunks of crystal – mainly quartz types – made of microcrystalline crystals). Others may only wish to work with smoothed forms such as tumbled stones, spheres, free forms, and eggs. This area of polished crystals opens up a whole new realm of appreciation if you are a visual type. Unless a crystal is of a  high grade, it can be difficult to see inside it, at the beautiful formations that Nature creates as it grows. These wisps, ‘stars’, angel and fairy ‘wings’, rainbows and ‘landscapes’ are a stunning vision of themselves and surely add to the loved one develops for the Crystal Kingdom. You do not have to be in the New Age scene to recognize how very beautiful this can be. There are many who collect crystals for the pure pleasure of what Nature can produce.



Polished crystals also open up opportunities to use crystal in sacred geometric forms and precision healing tools such as wands and massage pieces.

Quartz Platonic Solids, famously defined by Plato over 2000 years ago, can be useful for advanced healing and balancing techniques. They consist of the 5 principle geometric shapes found in Nature. Other polished forms that are more easily available are the four sided pyramid, the prism, the round-ended wand, the sphere and the egg.

Several forms of complementary therapies are adopting simple crystal healing techniques as part of their practice, as therapists train in these different fields. For instance, massage therapies, Reflexology, Acupressure, Spiritual and Reiki Healing are all beginning to embrace the use of crystals directly on the body. A wider variety of therapists use crystals to enhance and cleanse the energy of their therapy rooms and others adopt the use of crystals for Feng Shui reasons. Also many now wear crystal jewelry to enhance the Aura in various ways.

To develop a passion for crystals is to develop a passion for life! It’s a bit of an addiction actually and never fails to fascinate. It doesn’t have to be expensive but your collection can range from a humble tumble to a majestic Madonna. As a Crystal Healer, I prefer to collect and use high-grade pieces as I prefer their vibration. However, there is no right or wrong – if you use your intuition sensibly and lovingly. When we bring crystals into our lives, we invite their transformative qualities to work at the very core of our being. In time this brings inner strength, comfort, and healing. They are such simple and beautiful tools and yet have the capability of creating great internal shifts, which can go on to reflect in your outer life, with the potential of lifting you out of old patterns of behavior and other states of dis-ease. Not only do their crystalline energies affect us, but also their ability to carry Light and color, which greatly enhances their fabulous vibrational qualities for healing and transformation.

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