Crystals For Courage, Confidence, and Bravery

Courage gives life to our little and big ambitions, life decisions as well as miracles. Without courage, it is not only impossible to survive in this world, living becomes more of hardships. Like meditation and chromotherapy, Crystals for courage when used on the higher chakras are seen to fill the wearer with confidence and surety.

It is not unnatural to meet people who are perpetually afraid of something or the other. If you suffer from perpetual feargemstones can show you a new way of life. In fact, higher chakra gemstones are specifically known to build self-confidence and courage in the users.

Being afraid of things can build an alert and cautious personality that is rooted in solid ideologies. However, if your fears are restricting you from giving your best shot at life, it is unhealthy. Fears are all unhealthy according to spirituality. It limits your potential by narrowing your opportunities as well as the will to live.

When your fears are clear to the inner eye, it is easy to battle it and possibly win over!

So, how do gemstones actually work on your fears?

Gemstone therapy uses the energy of specific chakras such as the Crown (located on top of your head), Third Eye (located in between your brows), Throat, Heart, Sacral (pelvic area of the body) or Root (located at the base of your spine) to work on fear.

While the crown chakra enlightens or walks you out of fear, the third eye builds intuitions to plan ahead, in case of fear.

On the contrary, throat chakra gives you confidence and heart chakra fills you with compassion.

If you use a sacral chakra crystal, your life force is renewed while root chakra lets you balance your fears with courage and knowledge.

11 Ways to Use Healing Crystals for Courage and Confidence

How to Fully Utilize with Crystals For Courage, Confidence and Bravery

To remove fear from your psyche once and for all, regardless of it being about people or circumstances, you must use gemstone energy to power your will. Healing crystals can balance your chakras and flush out negativity simultaneously too.

How does it all work?

1.       Amazonite for  Confidence


amazonite_cwA powerful Throat Chakra Crystal, Amazonite is a renowned stone that stabilizes the emotional composure of the wearer. If you’ve felt like all your confidence was draining out, at times, having an Amazonite on your heart chakra can do wonders by instilling a new confidence to dispel all types of fears!

2.       Ruby for Bravery

How to Fully Utilize with Crystals For Courage, Confidence and Bravery

Being brave is not luck, but your own spiritual foundation in beliefs. Ruby is a miraculous gemstone that can help light-hearted people live a life of new vitality and self-confidence. A crystal for confidence and self-belief, Ruby awakens the root chakra to transmute the fears!

3.       Chrysoprase for Strength


Courage is a mandatory trait to survive life, wherever you are. This is why powerful gemstones like Chrysoprase are excellent to instill strength and support to those who lack it. Chrysoprase awakens the heart and the sacral chakras together and instills courage in weaker minds.

4.       Aquamarine to Win Over Hurdles


If life and things about life are heaping up to peaks you cannot scale, it is best to use a gemstone that works like a magic carpet! Aquamarine is a throat chakra crystal that helps in self-expression. It strengthens the wearer from inside by unleashing hidden potentials!

5.       Amethyst for Grounding

How to Fully Utilize with Crystals For Courage, Confidence and Bravery

A powerful gemstone that is used to detoxify and purify the body, Amethyst is a rare stone that brings the stray thoughts and energies or aura of the wearer to level. Amethyst is a higher chakra crystal that activates the crown chakra to permanently disable your sense of fear, especially that of addictions.

6.       Red Spinel for Psychic Protection

How to Fully Utilize with Crystals For Courage, Confidence and Bravery

A beautiful and hypnotizing gemstone used to ward off psychic harms such as evil eye and curses, red spinel also spurns negativity. Red spinel is a potent gemstone that envelops the wearer in a psychic bubble with a shade of fiery scarlet aura!

7.      Sunstone for Supreme Power


Believed to beckon the energy of sun God Ra, Sunstone comprises of exclusive energies that empower the wearer’s hidden golden chakras. Sunstone activates the Kundalini Energy of the Sacral Chakra to fill you with a rejuvenating energy that empowers you!

8.       Titanium or Flame Aura Quartz for Aura Empowerment

How to Fully Utilize with Crystals For Courage, Confidence and Bravery

Renowned as the Warrior’s stone, Titanium or Flame Aura Quartz resonates with all the core seven chakras in addition to the etheric chakras. The same is why it stimulates the self-belief neurons in the brain to grow a mindset filled with fearlessness.


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