Pack Your Crystals When You Head Off to College

Inevitably, every parent will go through the adventure of turning their child loose to the world. For many parents, sending their child off to college is the first time their offspring will be living out from under their guidance and on their own. A lot of responsibility is placed on these teenagers to succeed in their education for the next several years and to become an adult to make their parents proud. As parents, we want to do all that we can to ensure our child’s success as they grow up and leave home. When you are packing up to head off to college, be sure to pack your crystal mojo bag for some extra assistance.

For many teens, college is the first time that they will spend a substantial time living away from the home they grew up in and the friends and family that they normally spend time with. Being away for a while, especially for the first few months, can be hard and require a big adjustment for the young adult while they adjust to their new life as a college student. Carrying a piece of Charoite helps to relieve the loneliness and homesick feelings. Rose Quartz can remind the student of the unconditional love at home and a piece next to the bed can create a calming, loving atmosphere in their dorm room.

All the changes that college students experience as they plunge out into the unknown world of college life and living away from home can foster feelings of anxiety and stress. Not to mention the difficult classes and challenges that they face as well. If the stress and anxiety seem overwhelming, start with a crystal to remove the negative feelings, such as Black Tourmaline. Pair this crystal with Lepidolite for its calming, relaxing energy that will remind you that everything will be alright. I find that Lepidolite works best when directly touching the skin, which makes this a good crystal to hold in your hand during stressful times like exams. If the stress is interfering with your sleep and keeping you up at night, a piece of Selenite under the pillow can help provide a more restful night.

Another big change for teens heading off to college is the level of responsibility that they will now be taking on. Being responsible for your own room at home is one thing, but heading off to school, students find themselves faced with the sudden responsibility to care for themselves and their “home”, but also with maintaining their own schedule and education. Iolite encourages you to take responsibility for yourself, helping you to become less dependent on your parents.

Community living arrangements, like dorms, can be hard on the immune system. Combined with the added stressful environment, many college students find themselves with a cold or other illness soon after starting school. Being proactive about protecting your health can help you to stay well. Fluorite and Moss Agate are useful for strengthening the immune system and fighting off bacteria and viruses that can get you sick. Try charging your drinking water with these crystals if your roommate or friends are under the weather for a little extra protection.

Now, of course, the main reason teenagers head off to college is to get an education. With all the distractions around campus, concentrating on your studies can be a huge challenge for incoming freshmen. Green Fluorite helps to keep students focused when in class and studying. Malachite is the stone to carry along for help being more observant in class and for processing and comprehending challenging subjects. Definitely a must-have stone for any grad student too.

Don’t forget about the freshman 5! Many campuses joke about the 5 (or 15 for some) pounds that freshman gain due to the changes in the diet they are experiencing; being able to eat whatever they want, whenever they want. Loaded pizza at 3 am – no problem! To combat this weight gain, try carrying Red Tiger Eye to increase metabolism and also the motivation to check out the student athletic center.

The grand adventure that is college provides us with many opportunities to meet new people from many different walks of life. A piece of Emerald promotes new friendships and healthy relationships. Wearing a piece of this crystal as a pendant is a great way to keep it with you. If you find yourself in a new romantic relationship, the same Fluorite that helps with your studies can also help to ensure a balanced relationship that encourages healthy growth as an individual. Hiddenite is supportive of new relationships too, and Thulite encourages positive relationships and expressions of love.

Don’t head off to college empty handed! Remember to take your crystal mojo bag for support to help you succeed as you head off into the unknown future. Plus, crystals will beautifully decorate your new room.

3 thoughts on “Pack Your Crystals When You Head Off to College

  1. What a wonderful post! Thank you SO much…my son is off to university at the end of September, and although he has plenty of his own crystals this is such a thoughtful idea – thank you 😺💕💎

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    1. We also have a son who started college yesterday. Business Major, so this post is for him and all of the new college students this year. I’m so happy this post resonated with you. Congratulations to you and your son, may this new college year be fruitful and blessed. Namaste, Diana


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