Finding A New Purpose In Our Work This Labor Day

For many of us, Labor Day signifies the end of summer with barbecues, parades, and retail sales extravaganzas.

But the true significance of Labor Day often gets lost in the hullabaloo:  more than 100 years ago, American Labor Unions fought to give us a five-day work week and to remove children from grueling, often dangerous factory jobs.

In the 21st Century, we like to think our lives are so much better than the lives of our great-grandfathers.  But consider this:  in our global economy, Americans are working longer hours, suffering more stress-related health crises, and reeling under more financial debt than our great-grandfathers ever dreamed of.

So this Labor Day Weekend, as you take a much-needed break from your physical workspace, do yourself a favor:  free yourself from the tyranny of your cell phone, television, and email.  Reconnect with the life-affirming rhythms of the Earth Mother:  Hike.  Fish.  Weed your garden.  Nap in the shade of a friendly, old tree.  Listen to the bees buzz.  Watch the glory of the sun as it sets over the ocean or a lake.  You’ll be amazed how this mental and emotional vacation revitalizes you and helps your find new purpose in your work.

On Monday morning, if you want to boost your business success -– or if you need the confidence to help you find a new job where your talents can truly shine –- slip one of these trusty minerals into your pocket:

  • Green Aventurine – to attract luck and opportunity. Helps manifest prosperity. Provides relief in times of stress or challenge. (Alternative stones: green jade, peridot, malachite, green garnet.)
  • Citrine – “The Merchant’s Stone.” Used to increase optimism, self-worth, personal power, and hope; enhances creativity and the intellect; strengthens intention, attracts abundance. (Alternative stones: yellow tourmaline, yellow calcite)
  • Black Sapphire – Provides grounding, calming, and confidence in stressful situations; particularly useful if you want to create stability in employment. Repels negativity. (Alternative stones: black tourmaline, black obsidian, smoky quartz)

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