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Herbs ~ Harvesting, Drying, Preserving and Storing Your Herbs.

 For the heart of the medicinal herbs! Knowing how to properly harvest your medicinal herbs will increase the potency and efficacy of the preparations you create. Let’s understand the terminology used to describe the parts of herbs {plant parts} when harvesting. Berries and Seeds: These are the fruits of the plant, harvested when they are fully ripe {usually when they have

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Crystals – Nature’s Natural Sleep Remedy – Crystals By Nature

For as long as I can remember, I have had difficulties with sleep, and as I grow older, these difficulties have only gotten worse. I am constantly trying new ways to trick my body into rest: aromatherapy, hot baths, orange glasses to block blue light, etc. All have worked to varying degrees but none have provided complete relief.When I started

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