September 4th ~ 10th Astrology Weekly Forecast

Monday, September 4th-
At 2:29 am Ceres in cancer quincunxes mean black moon Lilith in Sagittarius, creating tension between the Great Mother asteroid Goddess and the fierce Dark Feminine who reveals shadow and see what is behind the scenes. Ceres is currently undergoing some massively intense transits- which is quite apparent when you look at Mother Earth right now and see the insane fires {Oregon/Montana in the USA) and floods (Hurricane Harvey/Texas/approaching Hurricane Irma/Bangladesh India) happening on the planet. on the day of the total solar eclipse ceres opposed Pluto (read that week’s entry for the in-depth write up) and since then she has been getting hit hard by outer planets (quincunx Saturn 8/31, square Jupiter 9/3, Uranus square on 9/17 and Eris square this week 9/6). so much intensity with the Great Mother really brings up stuff in home/family dynamics, safety/security issues, environmental issues (like climate change) and more! where Ceres in cancer want to be cozy and safe- all this astrology speaks to boats being rocked and apple carts being turned upside down. the key in these transits is to be willing to see the shadow playing out behind the scenes- to not just don rose colored glasses or stuff our heads in the sand. ceres/Lilith can help us see into the shadows IF we are not overly attached to being blind, change is incoming- it’s up to us to work with the energies so we can make wise decisions about what direction we are moving into personally, collectively and as a human.

At 11:26 am Jupiter in Libra sextile mean black moon Lilith in Sagittarius, aligning the planet of expansion and abundance with the Dark Goddess who is in the Jupiter-ruled sign of Truth and Big Picture awareness. Jupiter/lilith is great for seeing what is hidden in the shadows- not from a shadow place of only seeing what is wrong but from an integral place of understanding that wholeness and healing can only happen when we are seeing the WHOLE picture. lilith in sadge is seeking to help us see all aspects of Truth so that we not divided in our understanding (which creates projections onto others of our disowned shadow). Jupiter/Lilith is great for trusting our intuition, dreams and magic. finding ways to dive deep while still staying connected to the Light is supported right now.

The sun in Virgo opposes retrograde Neptune in Pisces at 10:27 pm, bringing an idealistic and romantic energy into focus but also tendencies towards denial, delusion, avoidance of reality and deception. the sun in Virgo wants to discern and see clearly while Neptune creates a fog and makes it hard to see reality. use this astrology to turn within, mediate, reflect and dream. it’s not a time to make huge life altering decisions though- really all month as there are tons of Neptune oppositions this month- as not all is clear and some of it may intentionally be deceptive and behind the scenes. being willing to see where we purposely are not seeing clearly or are not being clear and honest with ourselves or others is key- but so is being willing to see where others or situations around us are not being direct and clear either.

Tuesday, September 5th-
At 1:39 am Venus in leo sesquiquadrates rétrograde chiron in pisces, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron brings up old wounds and pain around worth, value and self-Love. opportunities to be more aware of where old wounds and pain are running us can help us to make better choices going forward. or we can just be in denial, delusion and avoidance of reality- spiritual bypassing what is staring us in the face and missing the opportunity to grow and open our hearts more. what will you choose?

Mars moves out of Leo and into Virgo at 2:35am, shifting the warrior and drive from fire to earth, yang to yin, expressive to contained. mars in virgo is great for getting organized, efficient, healthy and integrated. Mars in Virgo is practical, logical and efficient! of course the shadow of Mars in Virgo can express as perfectionist, critical, judgmental and too much mental energy- so finding balance is key.

At 4;25 am the sun in Virgo sesquiquadrates retrograde Uranus in Aries, creating minor tension between the conscious self and ego and the rebel, revolutionary and upstart! the sun in Virgo likes things to be organized and manageable- while Uranus likes to turn things upside down and shake us up to wake us up! using the energy of change wisely- so that we are creating it rather than being dragged kicking and screaming by it is recommend right now.

At 4:29 am Mercury stations direct at 28’25 Leo, bringing the planet of thinking and perception into strong focus. when Mercury is stationary his snafu energies are strongest- so be aware when you communicate, travel and move around in life as unexpected energies can be present. Mercury’s recent Underworld journey has been a time of rethinking, reviewing and revising what we Love and what is our hearts desire (Leo) and also what our inner work, health and outer work are asking of us (virgo). with mercury stationary today on the eclipse degree and just past his conjunction with mars- there is A LOT of energy generated right now to be definitive and take action. the key is doing it in a way that is clearly seeing the whole picture. there is a lot of neptune energy coming this month (so many planetary oppositions)- which makes it hard to discern Truth and reality clearly. our willingness to ask questions and listen to the answers- even if they are the answers we don’t want to hear- is key right now.

At 7:05am Ceres in Cancer quincunxes the mean south node in Aquarius- creating tension between the Great Mother asteroid Goddess and our old karmic patterns of detachment from the heart and overly relying on the head and scientific intelligence. Ceres is harmoniously aligned with the north node in Leo- the sign of the heart! we need to feel engaged with life- not detached from it. we need to see what is going on around us not just from a place of rationality and pragmatism but from a deeply feeling place that understands we are all in this together and what happens to one person/culture/country happens to all. any issues arising in home/family situations or regarding Mother Earth right now are wake up calls.

At 2:33pm Venus in Leo quincunxes retrograde neptune in pisces, creating tension between the lower heart and the Higher Heart. Venus/Neptune can be uber romantic, idealistic and compassionate but can also create issues with boundaries, seeing reality and making healthy decisions in Love and money situations. Venus in Leo wants passion and romance! while Neptune in Pisces surrenders the ego and moves towards Higher Love. what does Higher Love mean? contemplating this and not making it about anything or anyone external can be a deep inquiry today. (hint: Higher Love for the self from the Self)

Wednesday, September 6th-
The full moon at 13’55 Pisces is exact at 12:03 am, bringing us to the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the total solar eclipse in Leo on 8/21! that was one HUGE eclipse- making this entire lunation one for the books. with this full moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces- all Piscean themes are amplified tenfold! dreaminess, romance, idealism, compassion, mysticism, and spirituality are high. but so, too, is an illusion, confusion, delusion, deception, spiritual bypassing, and playing the victim or the martyr. this full moon is quincunx Venus- activating the venus/Neptune aspect that was exact yesterday and bringing that into strong focus during this lunation. are we seeing clearly in Love or money situations? are we finding a balance between self-love and love of others, boundaries and dissolution of boundaries, the lower ego based heart and the Higher Heart? learning how to have a healthy ego as the container for Spirit and Soul is true enlightenment. being willing to see through our own self-illusions, delusions and deceptions are key right now.

Jupiter in Libra sextiles the north node in Leo at 8:46 am, aligning the planet of expansion and abundance with the north node of destiny and fate! Jupiter is also conjunct Arcturus- a powerful fixed star that amplifies the gifts and frequency emanating from Jupiter right now. opportunities to grow and expand ourselves via our relationships, connections and collaborations with others is incoming. new people, groups, communities or teachers coming into your life right now can be REALLY GOOD FOR YOU. stay open!

At 6:17 pm Ceres in Cancer squares retrograde Eris in Aries, creating tension between the Great Mother asteroid Goddess and the Goddess of discord and chaos. Ceres in Cancer hold onto the past while Eris in Aries turns the apple cart upside down to show what is toxic/stagnant/stuck underneath. from now until the 17th ceres triggers Uranus and Eris- bringing some wake-up/shake up energy into home family situations, environmental situations and perhaps safety/security issues personally and collectively. being willing to see the shadow hiding behind the scenes is key. don’t just stay on the surface- dive deep!

Thursday, September 7th-
The north node in Leo trine means black moon Lilith in Sagittarius at 6:08 am, aligning the node of fate and destiny with the Dark Goddess of magic, intuition, and sensuality. opportunities to embrace more of our passions and heart’s desires are present right now. seeing Truth is what sets us free- both within and without. being willing to dive deep and face shadows so they can be integrated into the Light is supported right now.

Friday, September 8th-
at 4:28 am mars in Virgo sesquiquadrates retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, creating tension between the lower will and the Higher Will. this can be a powerhouse aspect and how we wield our ego and anger energies is key in how it will unfold. luckily they are both in compatible signs- so if we access Virgo’s discernment and integrity with Capricorns commitment, discipline, and hard work- we can move mountains right now! watch out for power struggles and being overly perfectionist and critical of self and others. use this energy instead to get super clear your inner work and then get to it!

At 10:26 am the sun in virgo semisextiles venus in leo, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Goddess of Love and beauty. sun/venus can be lovely for romance, creativity and enjoyment of life. with the sun in practical virgo and venus in passionate leo- channeling our passionate, romantic and creative energies into healthy containers is recommended 🙂 have some fun today but don’t forget to get your work done too (how very Virgo/Leo)

Saturday, September 9th-
Venus in Leo quincunxes retrograde plutos in Capricorn at 12:23 am, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the Lord of the Underworld. venus/Pluto can bring up shadow dynamics in romance, financial situations, and business partnerships. power struggles or hidden shadow coming to Light are possible- but this can also help us see things clearly and face reality. venus in Leo wants passion and prosperity while Pluto in Capricorn demands we see what old, toxic, stagnant or stuck situations, relationships or beliefs we are holding onto that limit us. steer clear of power/over power/under dynamics and instead stand in your power and meet others from that place today!

The sun in Virgo trine retrograde Pluto in Capricorn at 3:45 am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Lord of the Underworld. this is a great aspect for diving deep and getting to the root and Truth of matters. both Virgo and Capricorn have discernment and integrity- and when we focus this clarified vision within we can see all manner of things right now! wielding power with humility and commitment to Truth is supported today!

At 11:03 am Jupiter in Libra opposes retrograde is Eris Aries for the 3rd and final time- creating an opposition between the planet of expansion and excess and the Goddess of discord and chaos. this month Jupiter opposes the waning Uranus/Eris conjunction all month long. radical revolutionary change is happening right now- just look around you! yet some of it can come by way of shocking and unexpected events that really truly show you what is going behind the screen or what was shoved underneath the carpet. Jupiter’s energy is typically benevolent so we can use this expansive energy to expand our desire to grow even if it means breaking the chains that bind! having healthy outlets for anger and rage is important right now as is in Aries can unearth repressed anger and rage in intense ways.

Now direct Mercury moves back into Virgo at 7:52 pm, covering territory he has gone over twice already for one last time. from now until 9/19 Mercury is in his backend shadow- asking us to take the insights, information and aha moments that we had in the last weeks and integrate them so we can see and discern reality clearly. of course with so much Neptune present this month not all is clear and we have to be willing to ask the right questions to get the right answers. Mercury in Virgo is great for details and discernment- but one of the best ways of using this energy is to focus it within so that we seeing ourselves, our intentions and motivations clearly. from this inner clear place, any outer decisions or actions we need to take will start to become clear.

Sunday, September 10th-
in the morning hours both Venus and Mars- the Divine Lovers- link with Juno the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. at 4:32 am Venus in Leo sesquiquadrates Juno in Capricorn and at 10:37 am Mars in Virgo trine Juno in Capricorn- bringing focus to commitments, contractual arrangements and other partnerships in our lives (romantic, business and otherwise). Mars/Juno is lovely and can help us see clearly what we are committed to and what is working- and what we are no longer committed to and what is not working. yet the tense aspect from Venus reminds us that we cannot just be focused on commitment and contracts- we have to be focused on passion, creativity, and inner fire. learning how to honor differing needs- within ourselves but also within the context of our relationships- is key.

At 7:04 pm Mercury parallels Mars, echoing the mercury/mars aspect that was exact last Sunday the 3rd. from then till today we have had a super aspect between the two- amplifying but also exacerbating their energies together! mercury/mars align the mind and intellect with the warrior and drive. this super aspect can be intense and it can also be activating and initiative. Mars can help us be decisive and directed in our thinking and communicating- but he can also exacerbate tendencies to argue, be aggressive and dominating in communication with others. Mercury and Mars triggered the total solar eclipse degree on the 3rd and the super aspect has unfolded from then until today. pay attention to what you hear within, around you and in the news in the last week. big things are stirring- can you feel it?

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