Monthly Archives: September 2017

Three Ayurvedic Practices for Fall

The peak of pitta dosha — one of Ayurveda’s three mind-body types — happens in the fall. To harness the season’s energies and benefits, here are three Ayurvedic strategies that anyone can try. One of my favorite things about living Ayurveda is how the strategies for finding harmony with nature change throughout the year. I used to blindly follow the

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Wisdom from Grandmother Moon – Inner Journey Events

Such a glorious week and such a glorious colorful time of the year (sorry, my Northern Hemisphere entrainment is showing!) as we approach astrological Autumn… a New Moon on Tuesday followed by the Autumn (Spring in the SH) Equinox on Thursday, September 22nd. The Equinox has inspired my theme for this lunar month: Balance. If this theme works for you, wonderful! If not, choose another theme

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New Moon in Virgo 2017 Energy Report for the Blood Moon Cycle — Spirit de la Lune

Happy New Moon!  Happy New Moon in Virgo!The seasons are changing, and we are preparing for fall and winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. As the seasons change, we too may be feeling drawn inward towards our own personal shifts and transformation.This New Moon in Virgo supports both i Source: New Moon in Virgo 2017 Energy Report for the Blood

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