Wisdom from Grandmother Moon – Inner Journey Events

Such a glorious week and such a glorious colorful time of the year (sorry, my Northern Hemisphere entrainment is showing!) as we approach astrological Autumn… a New Moon on Tuesday followed by the Autumn (Spring in the SH) Equinox on Thursday, September 22nd.

The Equinox has inspired my theme for this lunar month: Balance. If this theme works for you, wonderful! If not, choose another theme that resonates with you… perhaps one inspired by your Dark Moon reflections on last month’s journey.

In what is a hectic world for many, Mama Earth and Grandmother Moon give us many “prompts” throughout the year to reflect on our own balances… work/play, self/others, spiritual/ secular, etc.

Twice a month, La Luna moves into the Quarter position, when She is half-light, half-dark… a potent example of the fleeting Yin-Yang balance. And twice a year, we experience the Equinox when Mama Earth herself is in balance with Father Sun… The days and nights are equal lengths, and we change seasons astronomically, from Winter to Spring and from Summer to Autumn.

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon) for your monthly lunar journey

Source: Wisdom from Grandmother Moon – Inner Journey Events