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Create Your Own Moondala Full Moon Ceremony — Spirit de la Lune

Happy Full Moon!  The nights are getting longer as the darkness of the Autumn Season is settling in.Tonight’s Full Blood Moon takes place in the fiery sign of Aries. Aries is an active and energetic sign exuding confidence and needing expression. This week the past may be stirred up as the Source: Create Your Own Moondala Full Moon Ceremony —

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October’s Full Moon 2017

The Hunter’s Moon is so named because plenty of moonlight is ideal for hunters shooting migrating birds in Northern Europe. The name is also said to have been used by Native Americans as they tracked and killed their prey by autumn moonlight, stockpiling food for the winter ahead. Traditional association with feasting: In the northern hemisphere, Hunter’s Moon appears in

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Aries Full Moon October 5, 2017 – Tragic King

The Full Moon on 5 October 2017 falls at 12º Aries decan 2. This is only one aspect to Mercury and an adjustment quincunx to Neptune from the Sun. The Full Moon falls on the fixed star Alderamin in Cepheus the King. This Full Moon in Aries decan 2 has no special dignity and will generally run counter to popular culture since the

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