Inner Balance ~ New Moon In Libra

Today, October 19th at 12:12 pm PST (3:12 pm EST) we move into the Dark Moon of Libra. Libra energy gives us the chance to look at what is increasing and decreasing in our lives; what is in balance and harmony.

This is our first New Moon following the Fall Equinox, a time to connect to your inner point of balance through stillness. To still yourself is to come to rest in your own right place. This stillness is not the opposite of motion, but a push into motion by outside influences. Whether you move or stop is determined by your own sense of the nature of the time. When you are in your stillness you can be inwardly still and reflective and at the same time outwardly stay with your situation; not seek to act on it or escape it.  Outer and inner stillness reinforce one another.

To work from this inner point of balance allows you to slow down, become aware of your feet on the ground and create that moment of stillness that supports you in discovering your natural path and pace. This helps you to flow in greater harmony with your environment and more genuinely connect with other people because you are fully immersed in your authentic experience.

During a dark moon (seed moon) your mind turns inward.  You may feel contemplative yet find your intuition is active. This is the time to seed/plant your intentions.

Here are a few questions to contemplate under this Dark Moon ~

Where is your inner point of balance?
What is just beginning to germinate?
What is increasing/decreasing in your life?

Here are a few thoughts on seeding your intention for this Dark Moon:

  • Create your altar using pinks and greens. Some lovely gemstones to work with under this moon are rose quartz, jade or labradorite.
  • Prepare you Moon Water using either rose quartz or jade ~ speak your intention into the water and place it on your altar overnight.
  • If you like, use balancing essential oils in a diffuser or as aromatherapy by dabbing on your wrists or clothing ~ clary sage, lavender or geranium are some of my favorites.
  • Take a walk today or if you are not able to take a walk, be aware of any animal or insect that speaks to you. For example, I took a walk today and saw many animals, but during my walk, I happened to look down and saw a beetle and I found it was sharing a message with me.  Pay attention and please trust yourself.  Once you have your animal totem find its meaning/symbolism in a book or online.
  • How does this message support your intention? How does it support you in finding your inner balance?
  • If you feel comfortable ask the animal spirit to work with you in your Dreamtime tonight (you may even have a specific question for your animal)
  • When you awaken, take a few minutes to remember your dream and write down any messages you were given and place them on your altar.
  • Before eating or drinking, take a sip of your Moon Water and speak your intention into your water again and place it back on your altar. Take a sip each day until the Full Moon on November 3rd.

Friday, October 20th, is the New Crescent Moon (sprouting moon). During a sprout moon, you may find sudden insights or new ideas!  Your appetite may increase and you may need less sleep. If you can watch the Moon setting (7:11 pm PST, 10:11 EST). It is a beautiful way to bring your intention forward and feel the blessing of new beginnings and balance as we move into the waxing moon.

New Moon Blessings

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