Sun Moves Into Scorpio: October 24, 2017

This week brings some shifts in energies as the Sun moves into Scorpio, beginning the Scorpio season of darkness, myth and magic.  With the mind already processing the inner workings of the psyche now that Mercury is in Scorpio, and Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio squeezes out the nasty secrets in the entertainment business as well as the political realm (both Jupiter’s realm), we can no longer hide from the difficult and the dark.

On a positive note, challenging conversations may become easier under the influence of Scorpio, and our personal path to growth can be illuminated with the Sun aligned with expansive Jupiter.  Mars, the planet that inspires and motivates us, has moved into Libra where it yearns to find balance and integrate the confusion of opposites into one complete whole of understanding and compassion.

Over the next two weeks, you may find yourself feeling more emotionally sensitive and reactive than usual as a challenging square aspect takes shape between Saturn (tests and insecurity) and Chiron (emotional wounds).  While this can be an uncomfortable dynamic, it can also help to facilitate the processing and release of old wounds that bind us to the past.

SUNPlanetary Illuminations:

Understanding Planets

Sun. The Self/soul. Issues of identity, physical vitality, development of Will. Personality, self-expression.
Correspondences: 5th house, Leo
Moon. Issues of emotional development, instinctive response, intimacy, attitude towards home/family. Image of the mother.
Correspondences: 4th house, Cancer.
Mercury. Functions of experience, thought, belief, learning. Concern with details. Language, communication, short journeys, siblings.
Correspondences: 3rd house, Gemini; 6th house, Virgo
Venus. Issues of relating to others, tastes and attitudes, values, self-indulgence. Physical security. Facet of image of partner/anima for men and sexual identity for women.
Correspondences: 2nd house, Taurus; 7th house, Libra
Mars. Drive, desire-both sexual and other. Capacity to get what you want/express anger/set boundaries. Facet of image of partner/animus for women and sexual identity for men.
Correspondences: 1st house, Aries. Ancient ruler of Scorpio/8th house.
Jupiter. Faith, optimism. Expansion of consciousness, limitations. Issues of self-actualization, confidence. Philosophy and theology. Correspondences: 9th house, Sagittarius, ancient ruler of Pisces/12th house.
Saturn. The imposition of limitations, discipline to attain goals. Issues of emotional security, responsibility. Image of the father. Correspondences: 10th house, Capricorn. Ancient ruler of Aquarius.
Uranus. Radical thinking, rebellion, disruption of status quo. Autonomy, development of unique individuality. Higher octave of Mercury. Correspondences: 11th house, Aquarius
Neptune. Dissolution of ego, transcendence of physical reality. Spiritual experience, addiction. Merging of boundaries, inspiration. Higher octave of Venus. Correspondences: 12th house, Pisces.
Pluto. Power of transformation. Breakdown of reality, death/destruction leading to rebirth and rebuilding. Issues of power, sexuality, compulsion. Higher octave of Mars. Correspondences: 8th house, Scorpio
Chiron. Planetoid discovered in 1977. The wounded healer: a painful psychological/physical wound that motivates the individual to greater growth and understanding. Correspondences: 6th house/Virgo.

3 thoughts on “Sun Moves Into Scorpio: October 24, 2017

  1. ” Sun moves into Scorpio, beginning the Scorpio season of darkness, ” is this based on the Horoscopes month of Scorpio or is this an astronomical observation?
    I am curious as currently the Sun is still near to Spica, a long way from Antares of Scorpio.

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    1. Thank you for your question. Planetary shifts that are going to take place {as the sun moves into Scorpio}. Astrological shifts, not astronomy.


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