The Energies of November

As we move into the month of November there are some beautiful Autumn colors on display in the countryside around us. We also have many late flowering roses and other summer plants still blooming happily in our garden. However, with both Halloween and the change of time into winter mode now behind us, it is … Continue reading The Energies of November

November Birthflower: Chrysanthemum

COMMON NAME: chrysanthemum GENUS: Chrysanthemum SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: The garden chrysanthemum, C. morifolium, is a hybrid developed from four species native to Asia. Many cultivars have been developed from this one, differing in size, shape, type of flowering head, growth habit, color, and time of bloom. FAMILY: Compositae BLOOMS: Fall TYPE: perennial DESCRIPTION: The many classes … Continue reading November Birthflower: Chrysanthemum