Loving Mountain’s

This morning’s dog walk was fogged in with heavy clouds.  The colors saturated; the bunch grass golden and smelled like toast.  I had received a real-live handwritten letter from a dear friend and my mind was pouring over all that she shared.  Somehow, I feel like the sensory experience of eyes reading handwriting and deciphering words that aren’t written in this uniform way (like this computer) conjures up more images, more smells, and the words linger longer.  She too recently relocated from the coastal NW to the mountains.  She talked about how they hold her, call to her, encourage her to wander and explore their wild terrain.  I too, feel closer to my wild being living in a harsher climate.  I feel like the mountains give me something to push up against – a boundary – yet also they encourage me to push up against those boundaries as much as I can.  The trail took an abrupt turn and I was now walking south as I mused about mountains.  Then a small hole in the clouds opened up.  A perfect oval, pretty far up on the horizon.  Instead of the cosmos peering through, it was the snowy flank of Ruby Peak.  Like the eye of a sleeping dragon just waking up; I was being watched.  It was a winter wonderland reflected in that eye.  Winter is the time to pay attention and to turn inward.  To watch the ground you are walking on so you don’t slip and fall, to stay warm and nourish your being, to slow down and take notice of your surroundings and all the other wild things that share this place with you.  All the while, the mountains sparkle in their element, bearing witness to it all, silently watching, holding me, whispering wild nothings into my frosty ear.  Today in the shop, we are making our tinctures and elixir’s infused with those wild nothings and mountain love in our hearts, that oval hole in the clouds in my mind’s eye.  Nourish your wild being.  Winter’s coming…

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