History has been most unkind to these souls who try to help and heal. They flow with the energy of the earth and draw from it great energy and power. They have been called Pagan and Wiccan. To be a witch is to blend with nature and use that power and energy to benefit and heal those who seek their help. Often the power comes as a surprise to those who have the gift. Many feel that they are different and seek help. The energy is unusual and unless one is able to understand and balance it, often the individual can spiral out of control. The intent of the power is healing, and the spirit of the individual who has the power must be pure. If not … good cannot be accomplished and often there is created a knot in the universe that must be undone in a lifetime yet to come. Their power is of nature, they are able to tap into the primal energies of the universe and channel that energy. Because the energy flows through them it draws upon the intent and direction of the witch. Great good can be done by those who are pure of heart. On the other hand, those who are unschooled or not ready can create confusion and upset. It should be noted that the only permanent impact that witches have is upon their own lifetime.

Las-Vegas-Child-Photographer-LJHolloway-Photography-Children0071Often their outward physical appearance is a direct reflection of the direction they are using their power. There are black and white witches but those are only labels put on them by humanity. All of them have good at the very core; all of them have been gifted because of service rendered in lifetimes past. It is the choice of this lifetime that determines how they use their power and energy. How they reflect the brightness of the light within. They can do no harm to others, they are only able to do good, but that is sometimes misinterpreted. Creative minds have made them more than they ever were, or ever could be. They came in as healers with the gift to tap into the earth and cosmic energy … to serve mankind and to help to heal to take place. When they have been misunderstood they often have lashed out but only in natural ways. They cannot harm, but they can cause discomfort when pushed. These are good souls who will usually stay on the fringes, in the shadows – for their soul memories remember that they have not been well received in lifetimes past. They do not usually draw attention to themselves but rather share with a very safe, select few for this lifetime. To be a witch is to be one with nature and to be able to use that energy for the benefit of those willing to trust nature and the power it carries.

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