Crystals For Harmony

It’s been a long-held belief, mainly on behalf of mother’s everywhere, that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. However, in these highly polarizing times, it seems many have opted to disregard this once popular notion in lieu of a more mean-spirited, higher volume alternative. No matter what beliefs we hold, or how different from another person’s they may be, we can always choose to communicate our views in a calm and mindful manner. Civil discourse is the backbone of progress. That said, it’s not always easy. Sometimes our passion for a subject can fill us with such a righteous fervor that we feel compelled and even justified to say what is on our mind. But before you do, remember: If you don’t have anything nice to say, meditate.

It’s a spin on the old classic that advocates not simply repressing your rage but addressing it. Why are you feeling this way, and how can you express yourself so that someone will actually receive what you are telling them? Meditating with crystals for harmony can help you to take the unnecessary or toxic emotions out of communication. Raise your consciousness to a place where you are able to see different perspectives and debate them without being confrontational. Using crystals for harmony, communication, universal love, and community, we can unite ourselves as humans and discuss issues in a way that would make our mother’s proud!


What better way is there to sooth tumultuous problems in the throat chakra than with a blue lace agate? Find a peaceful place in your home, or somewhere that you won’t be disturbed, and lay completely flat. Set a small piece of blue lace agate on your throat. Blue lace agate helps you to start over. Stop the snowballing anger and disbelief over the statements of others, and let it go. Instead meditate with blue lace agate to set the intention starting the conversation anew, with compassion and the goal of understanding.

On your heart, place a rhodonite stone. This is a stone that we often recommend for seasoned couples. Why? Because it helps restore love and communication! The reason that it’s so applicable here is that it balances emotions with love and activates a desire to enhance humanity together with our fellow man. As an emotional healer, whatever wounds were struck in you, that may have instigated a defensive will to strike back, can be assuaged by the mature vibes of rhodonite.

Just below the rhodonite, place a citrine stone on the solar plexus chakra. Citrine is ideal for two reasons. The first is that citrine, which obviously fuses with the solar plexus chakra, is an intention setting stone. Its energy is uniquely attuned to radiate the energy of your intention outward into the universe, as well as reaffirming that resolve within you. Its placement assures that it will amplify the intention of your meditation. The second reason that you’ll want to use citrine in this meditation is that it brings pure light, joy, and hope into your spiritual space. Just taking a moment to sit and breathe with citrine can make you feel less emotionally heavy. When you’re bogged down by the outside world, Citrine can aid you in opening your eyes to all of the beautiful things that you’re choosing not to focus on. For a little dose of sunshine to bring you back to a better mental state, citrine is key.

The third eye chakra is crucial to how we perceive and process situations and can make or break our communications with others. To bolster your third eye chakra and make sure you can always find something nice to say, apply the energy of amethyst. Amethyst on the third eye chakra is a powerful healer. As a vessel of peace, it infuses your mind with clarity, love, and harmony. Mood swings that might arise mid-discussion will be tamed by the energy of turquoise. By purifying the mind, it clears you of bitter resentments and instead leaves you more receptive to the energy of friendship. Through raising the spiritual consciousness to a higher realm, amethyst helps you to intuitively communicate as your best self.

With selenite harmonizers in hand, it’s hard to be unbalanced. The way many choose to argue online makes them appear, at best, unbalanced. Rather than give off the impression that you’re unhinged, meditate with selenite harmonizers. Hold one in each hand while laying down. The effect this creates is one of surrounding light energy. Imagine that you are shielded by a bubble of positivity. Because selenite is both an amplifier and purifier, using it in the grid will cleanse and charge you and the other crystals for harmony. The healing properties of the blue lace agate, rhodonite, citrine, and turquoise will vibrate even stronger within you when met by the energy of selenite.


Now that you’ve created your crystal body grid, you’re ready to meditate. Lying down in a quiet place, relieve your mind of the toss and turning effect that replaying negative exchanges with people can have. Instead, let go. Visualize the peaceful energy of the amethyst draining into your third eye, the loving energy of rhodonite filling up your heart and the bright beams of citrine’s sunny energy being casting from your solar plexus out into the entire body. Remain like this, conscious of your slow, deep breaths for 11 minutes. Then, from this state of enlightened calm, assess why others have the opinions they do. Think more profound thoughts than simply labeling them with a careless diagnosis, and truly delve into their possible situations and past experiences. When you feel you have reached a point of clarity, repeat aloud this mantra, eight times: I am willing to listen, learn and speak with compassion for all.