Crystals for Work With the Individual Chakras

If you read ten books on which crystals or stones you should use in healing and balancing the chakras, you will get ten different opinions.  The following table offers some suggestions which have been compiled from many different sources.  A simple way to decide which crystals to use in a session is to pick crystals of the same color as is normally associated with each individual chakra.  For example, the root chakra is most commonly associated with the color red.  However, dark stones, particularly black ones, such as black tourmaline, obsidian, or hematite, are often commonly used for this chakra because of their ability to ground a client.  The following suggestions are offered as guidance and are not meant to be definitive.  In the final analysis, the intuitive practitioner may be guided to use other crystals, particularly when taking into consideration the issues the individual client is facing.

First Chakra—Root—Base of Spine
Colors: Black, Brown, Deep Red

Red Tiger Eye Tourmaline
Red Jasper Smokey Quartz
Red Garnet Brown Agate
Clear Crystal Bloodstone
Obsidian Hematite
Onyx Carnelian

Second Chakra—Sacral—Sexual Organs—Pelvic Area
Colors: Red, Orange

Clear Crystal Garnet
Ruby Gold Tiger Eye
Red Coral Orange Calcite
Carnelian Moonstone
Madeira (Orange) Citrine Rutilated Quartz
Fire Opal Golden Topaz

Third Chakra—Solar Plexus—Navel
Colors: Gold, Yellow

Yellow Citrine Apatite
Yellow Calcite Rose Quartz
Yellow Fluorite Sunstone
Golden Tiger Eye Aventurine Quartz
Clear Crystal Malachite
Topaz Smokey Quartz
Amber Peridot


Fourth Chakra—Heart
Colors:  Green, Pink

Green Jade Pink Jade
Green Adventurine Rhodochrosite
Green Calcite Clear Crystal
Malachite Amazonite
Rose Quartz Emerald
Watermelon Sugilite
Pink Tourmaline

Fifth Chakra—Throat—Thyroid
Colors: Blue/Green, Light Blue

Turquoise Aquamarine
Blue Topaz Blue Lace Agate
Blue Tiger Eye Iolite
Celestite Lapiz Lazuli
Sodalite Aqua Aura
Clear Crystal Chrysocolla


Sixth Chakra—Third Eye
Colors: Indigo, Deep Purple

Sapphire Indicolite
Lapiz Lazuli Amethyst
Blue Tiger Eye Sugilite
Dark Blue Tourmaline Flourite
Clear Crystal Purple Apatite
Sodalite Azurite


Seventh Chakra—Crown
Colors: Light Purple, Deep Purple, White, Clear 

Amethyst Pearl
Violet Tourmaline Selenite
Clear Quartz Diamond
Sugilite Zircon
Flourite Gold Calcite
Lepidolite Celestite
Moonstone Jade

Remember that ultimately these stones represent a broad range of suggestions—perhaps much broader than those you have consulted.  Ultimately you must learn to cultivate and develop your intuition and see what you are drawn to using.  A healer will be guided to using a different combination of stones for the chakras from client to client, based on his or her intuition, what the client shares, and what has been treated or resolved in previous sessions.  As a practitioner starts to work with clients more regularly, records should be kept of the sessions.  They may yield wonderful insights for work on other clients.

Energy Medicine and Crystal Therapy: The Future

As stated in an earlier section, Richard Gerber was one of the first medical doctors to observe and chart the future directions of energy medicine with the series of books he authored on vibrational medicine.  In the forward to Michael Katz’s book, Gemstone Energy Medicine, Rashid Buttar, D.O., states his firm belief that the “Energy medicine will certainly be a major constituent of the medicine of the future,” (x) though he also reminds us that the recognition and application of energy in healing work can be documented as going back at least 5,000 years, if not more.  Energy medicine is, therefore, not something new.  Eastern cultures have written of the various energetic pathways of the body and this is particularly documented in very ancient yogic texts.

Buttar also observes:

Research indicates that specific fields of energy enhance the immune system, evidenced by increased DNA synthesis in lymphocytes….

Patients have reported many benefits during and after their experiences of using various forms of energy healing, including having an increased sense of well-being, more energy, better sleep, and improved pain control.  Acupuncture, in fact, is nothing more than enhancing and opening up energy channels that have been blocked or, in other cases, blocking certain energy channels along specific meridians to achieve the desired effect.  Plants exposed to specific types of energy fields have also been noted to grow faster than they do in other parts of the building that lack the field exposure.  (xxi)


Crystals have been known to enhance energy work since they can actually conduct and amplify energy.  But as noted previously, they also have their own distinct characteristics and healing properties as well which contributes to the enhancement of any given healing session.  Crystals placed strategically in areas such as bedrooms or workspaces can have a noticeable impact on those environments.  Something as simple as carrying crystals in one’s pocket can be of tremendous benefit.  For example, bringing a crystal to work that is calming, soothing, or grounding can help shift the energy of the person carrying the crystal, the workspace, and the environment in a more positive direction.  Physical laws indicate that like attracts like—so the change in one’s disposition will subsequently influence one’s co-workers as well!

Katz also points out the changes that are subtly occurring in the medical establishment:

Doctors and patients are experiencing that energy medicine works—often where conventional medicine does not.  Chronic debilitating illnesses, common ailments, aches, pains, and everything in between have responded to energy medicine practices.  Energy medicine is shedding light on the true nature of health and disease and offering solutions to seemingly intractable health problems—often leaving those who practice it healthier and more vital than they thought possible.


One of the most powerful forms of energy medicine is gem therapy.  Here, too, a change has taken place.  Once relegated to the fringes of the healing arts, the therapeutic uses of gems were not widely adopted by either doctors or the public…Today, all that has changed.  Pioneering information and effective new practices are allowing gem therapy to take its rightful place as a cornerstone of energy medicine….


Thousands of people around the world—physicians, homemakers, Olympic athletes, business people, celebrities, and many others—have come to experience remarkable healing by applying therapeutic gems…


Over a decade of clinical experience…have yielded gem therapies that work—both as primary treatments and as complements to other healing modalities.  Emotional maladies, mental complaints, and acute and chronic illnesses have responded to these gem therapies in unprecedented and exciting ways.  

It is encouraging to see that there is already a broad range of implementation of crystals and gems.  To consider that an Olympic athlete recognizes the value of their use is nothing short of astonishing and encouraging.

Katz reminds us that the use of gems and crystals in healing and therapeutic work already has a long documented history, and as we have observed throughout this article.  While we may not be able to know with absolute certainty when crystals were first used, it is obvious that over time, the specific healing properties of the most widely used and obtainable crystals were discovered and documented.  Some of these were more highly prized, even in ancient cultures like that of Egypt, where pieces of moldavite, one of the most highly vibrational and rare stones have been found.

While gems and stones have the ability to conduct energy, they also contain and reflect their own innate and unique energy which can contribute to a healing process.  One might wonder how this is possible, and Katz offers an explanation:

Physicists tell us that all matter is energy in physical form.  Gemstones are certainly no exception.  Formed over eons…the Earth’s gemstones embody intense concentrations of energy.  The energetic and physical properties of gemstones are already employed in many aspects of technology.  The ability of crystals to conduct and transform energy is no longer a new idea to us.  For example, every television, quartz clock, portable phone, and the personal computer runs smoothly thanks to Quartz crystals.  Today the energetic properties of gems are also being used to improve people’s health at a fundamental level.  

The evolution of our thinking, understanding, and acceptance of crystals in healing work has a lot to do with shifts in our fundamental thinking and understanding of human nature.  For example, many now accept as a given that humans are by their nature, multidimensional.  We now realize that we are comprised of various energy fields and bodies and some experts conducting research at top-tier universities are attempting to map and study these fields.  We have come to accept crystals have the ability and the capacity to interact with our various fields and dimensions—and the various levels of our existence:

…It may seem paradoxical to use a stone—the embodiment of earthly material—to affect subtle, nonphysical energies.  Yet a closer look reveals wheat may not be immediately apparent—that the crystalline nature of certain gemstones and their ability to process energy has much in common with the liquid crystalline forms in our own cells.  Once the mechanisms of human energy systems are more thoroughly understood and compared with those of gemstone energy medicine, the elegance and power of gems as therapeutic tools can be more readily understood.  

Katz offers a lot of valuable information in his books which is beyond the scope and intent of this paper.  For example, he discusses the various patterns of energy and how it flows through a crystal.  These patterns or currents are largely determined by the shape and patterns of the crystal.  Some shapes are better than others in conducting and amplifying energy—points and facets all influence the flow of energy through a crystal in different ways.

Katz also cautions that crystals have inherent limitations in their abilities as well—they are capable of pulling energy into the crystal as well as being able to conduct it out.  Thus, a gem such as malachite has the ability to remove negative energy, yet if it is not cleared regularly, it will retain that energy and amplify it.  It would not be enough to carry a piece of malachite in your pocket to ward off negativity without clearing it, for you would only be exacerbating the very problem you were trying to remedy!

The quality of crystals needs to be also considered, in addition to their character, cut and clarity.  Not all crystals are created equal.  A very clear quartz crystal would probably enhance healing work more than a cloudy one.  A crystal in its natural state might also be of more benefit than one that is tumbled.  However, that is not always the case, because crystals can also exhibit their individual traits and personalities.  Anyone familiar with crystals knows that no two are exactly the same.  Sometimes a practitioner may resonate with one stone more than another, just as he or she would resonate with another individual, and it may not necessarily be the prettiest or the most expensive one available.