Your child’s surrounding is vital to their healthy development and we must strive to make them as stimulating as possible. It is a common mistake to cram your child’s bedroom with bright toys and noisy activities. Everyone needs a chance to relax, and children, especially, need plenty of rest. You must strive to provide a perfect balance between yin and yang–calm and creative.

Your child will sleep better in a place that is relaxing, calming and feels like their own little haven. Sleeping in a bedroom that makes them feel content, safe and secure also makes a huge difference in the sort of dreams your child will experience. If you have a choice of rooms for children, try to choose a bedroom with a view that faces the sunrise. This allows them to benefit from the invigorating morning chi.

We have chosen several crystals that are ideal for placing in a child’s room. They have healing properties and carry energies that will help relax your child while stimulating the imagination and encouraging creative dreams. Choose the best crystals for your child!

  • Crystal Spheres: Handling smooth crystals at bedtime is an ideal way for children to relax and let the day’s tensions begin to drain away–however, make sure they do not present a choking hazard for young children. Holding a sphere shaped crystal, like a Rose Quartz  Sphere, Agate Amethyst Sphere or Polychrome Jasper Sphere, so that they catch the light from a bedside lamp is thoroughly soothing before they go to sleep. Place the sphere next to their bed after they fall asleep so that the energies radiate in all directions, filling the room with healing, positive and soothing energies.
  • Geode & Cathedral Crystals: Geodes or cathedral crystals, especially ones with druzy, are fun for young children because of the way they sparkle in the light. Closing the geodes to make it “sleepy-dark” inside can be a useful precursor to settling a child down to sleep. Geode and cathedral crystals radiate mass amounts of positive energy throughout a room due to their preserved natural form and triangular shape.
  • Moonstone: The twinkling and reflective nature of Moonstone stones create a soothing visual wonder for children. It is a soothing and gentle stone that is a favorite of children. It helps to prevent nightmares and help children with sleeping problems establish a more regular sleeping pattern.
  • Quartz Crystal Clusters: Place a large Quartz Crystal cluster in a corner of the room that your child can see from his or her bed. Any light in the room will be reflected and refracted through the many points of this cluster, providing reassuring and comforting feelings every time your child sees these glimpses of light.

Information based on the book Crystal Energy for Your Home by Ken and Joules Taylor