The Energies of February

The start of February is the midpoint between the December solstice and the March equinox, an occasion traditionally marked by the Celtic fire festival Imbolc, a celebration that honours the slowly returning light in the northern hemisphere. The corresponding festival for those in the southern hemisphere is Lammas, which traditionally celebrates the gathering in of the first fruits of the year’s harvest and serves as a reminder to conserve inner resources for the approaching autumn/winter season. So where ever you may be in the world, the beginning of February is a good time to pause, breath and connect with nature in gratitude for the season’s offerings.

On January 31st we had a powerful full moon lunar eclipse that will most likely already have provided you with illumination on some of the themes likely to be resonating for you in February’s energy flow.

Not only was this event a super moon but it was also what is often referred to as a ‘blue moon’ because it was the second full moon in January. The eclipse was not visible from everywhere in the world, but the energetic intensity of it was freely available to us all. The corresponding partial new moon solar eclipse will take place on February 15th.

The time between eclipses provides a very fertile period in which to focus on the direction we wish to take for the next part of our lives. 2017 was a year in which we all made many internal changes, released many old patterns and expanded our consciousness in so many ways.

Over the coming 12 months, it is important that we take steps to ground these changes fully into our everyday reality. This may well mean stepping up to a new level of responsibility, walking our talk and being willing to be visible for who we are in the world.

The first two weeks of February will be a particularly good opportunity to focus on connecting with what is important for you, setting new patterns in place as well as taking any physical action necessary to anchor your intentions. If fear and doubt try to interfere in this process by telling you that you are not yet ready, trust this is not the case and move forward anyway.

You may find yourself touching into the energies of old family patterns this month. If this is the case be kind to yourself and allow the energy flow to gently help you release old crystallised energies so that old crusty stories can be dissolved once and for all.Aquarius Symbol

The Influence of Aquarius

Each month of the year the sun shines upon the Earth through a different planetary constellation, magnifying its influence and the energetic qualities and opportunities that it stimulates.

The sun moved into the constellation of Aquarius on January 19th, so we are now experiencing the full flow of magnified Aquarian energy. In astrology Aquarius is characterised by the symbol of the water bearer, freely distributing the waters of life to all.

The airy, expansive energies of Aquarius stimulate connection to the higher mind and bring forward the spiritual values of unity, sharing, freedom and right human relationships.

From our perspective looking out to the cosmos from Earth, Aquarius is now occupying the influential position of Earth’s rising sign, as you might see it in an astrological chart. This means that we are now fully in the Age of Aquarius, so not only will we experience an annual magnification of Aquarian energy, we will also be experiencing it as a consistent and potent influence on Earth for the next 2000 years. Clearly, this is an influence that we need to get to know and use to best advantage.

The Highs and Lows of Group Consciousness Reclaiming Your Personal Authority

Our planet is currently receiving a huge amount of high-frequency energetic downloads to help us dissolve our third/ fourth-dimensional matrix and fully anchor the new fifth-dimensional one that is now available to us.

All these inflowing energetic influences are designed to stimulate awakening and expand consciousness, however as they are filtered through our differing levels of consciousness they have the potential to create a variety of effects.

For instance, the magnified flow of Aquarian energy that we have this month will tend to stimulate new ideas, a desire for greater freedom & equality and above all an awareness of ourselves as a collective group consciousness. Aquarian energy is based in unity consciousness, so it is holding a powerful patterning that we need to embrace before we can move fully into fifth-dimensional consciousness. However, while we are in the current process of transition between one patterning and the other this stimulation can take result in varying versions and experiences of group consciousness.

The airy, expansive energies of Aquarius stimulate connection to the higher mind and bring forward the spiritual values of unity, sharing, freedom and right human relationships.

In our fast-moving, digitally connected world we can have access to everything that happens anywhere in the world in a matter of a few seconds. Ideas, speculation, opinions, truth and lies also circulate just as fast. It is all too easy to find yourself in an algorithm-driven digital world where your version of reality is reflected to you by others that support your views and opinions, without any counterbalancing information. Clearly, discrimination is required here so that we do not get stuck in this version of group consciousness, especially as for a while the incoming energies are likely to stimulate more of the same until mass consciousness expands further.

It is important that those of us that are awake and aware use the incoming energetic stimulation to help us build strong foundations for anchoring unity consciousness from the inside out. There is an opportunity in abundance to align your everyday consciousness with that of your soul/spirit, allowing the heart to inform the mind and stimulating the memory of yourself as a multidimensional being connected through every level and dimension with the source of all that is. If you sit in your heart broadcasting the love & light that pours forth as a result of this awareness you will be helping to stimulate the remembrance of a more enlightened version of group consciousness that can truly make positive changes in the world.

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