Nettle & Wild Onion Rice Balls: Savouring Spring! – gather

Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is a foraging favourite, so it doesn’t need much of an introduction. I probably don’t need to tell you that it has been a beloved spring tonic since time immem… Source: Nettle & Wild Onion Rice Balls: Savouring Spring! – gather

Crocus Lore

COMMON NAME:  Crocus GENUS:  Crocus Species, Hybrids, Cultivars: Blue; C. biflorus, C. imperati, C. siebert, C. tomasinianus, C. versicolor; yellow: C. aureus, C. chrysanthus, C. korolkowii, C. sulphureus concolor, C. susianus; white: C. fleischeri, C. laevigatus, C. speciosus {fall}. Dutch crocus cultivars-blue: Enchantress, Pickwick, Queen of the Blues, Remembrance, Striped Beauty; white: Jeanne d'Arc, Peter … Continue reading Crocus Lore

Winter Jasmine Lore

Common Name: Winter Jasmine Genus: Jasminum Species, Hybrids, Cultivators: J. nudiflorum. J.polyanthuvigorous vine; grown indoors; sprays of white blossoms. J. mesnyi-primrose jasmine; evergreen vine with long, arching branches; lemon yellow flowers, February-April. J. officinale-poet's jasmine; small, white fragrant flowers in summer; not suitable for extremely cold climates; glossy, semi-evergreen leaves Family: OLEACEAE Blooms: Winter Type: … Continue reading Winter Jasmine Lore