So, What Is It You Do Exactly? A Recent Visitor Wanted To Know…

One thing magical practitioners have in common throughout history and around the world today is curiosity – the quest for knowledge. We are the original inquiring minds who want to know. There is a reason that so many of the first books printed were grimoires – books of magic – on the whole, magical practitioners are great readers.

There is only one thing better than learning from a book, and that is learning from one another. I have created this space in keeping with the inquiring, questing minds and spirits of magical practitioners. I hope you come away with ideas and information that intrigue and inspire you, and that you find useful.

The Nature of Magic

Magic, at its most basic, is the science of Earth’s hidden powers. Its practice is also an art. Magic is a science in that performing a spell requires research and awareness of the methods of magic. It is an art in the sense that you must follow your intuition and be creative. In the practice of magic, you will blend art and science to bend the natural forces to your will and bring about your desired outcomes.

While there is a host of schools, philosophies, methods, and traditions related to the practice of magic – folk magic, natural magic, ceremonial magic and sympathetic magic for example – all share a fundamental metaphysical wisdom. This wisdom, which is common to all magical tradition and knowledge, is that there is an inherent energy radiating from Earth and from all living things. This magical power, this capacity for magic, radiates from people, animals, plants, and stones. It is the existence of this power that defines what, in magical terms, is considered “alive.”

To be in the presence of life’s radiant energy is to receive blessings. Although some, throughout time, have learned to manipulate magic powers for malevolent purposes, magic is intrinsically a positive, sacred energy. The goal of magic is to tap into an energy so generous and powerful that all aspects of life improve. The power can be transferred, transmitted, increased and amplified.

Power is contained within a book, plant or crystal regardless of whether human taps into it. The most potent magical books, crystals, and tools retain and radiate their power and energy forever. So, magic is a partnership between human and other Earth energies. Whether magic is used for good or ill depends upon your intent, not the inherent nature of power.

Everyone and everything that exist naturally on Earth, and whatever is constructed from naturally occurring parts, possess the capacity for power. This power expresses itself simultaneously on all planes – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and sexual. So claim and affirm your birthright! Declare your spells in the present tense. Speak your charms as if your intention is already achieved – and so it is.

Types of Magic

There are different types of magic, some common ones are:

  • Folk Magic. Includes old superstitions and folk practices and continues to have power today. Examples include tossing salt over your shoulder or burying a statue of St. Joseph upside down in your yard to speed the sale of your house.
  • Ceremonial Magic. Entails performing rituals using specific props and speaking elaborate words. This is also known as High Magic.
  • Sympathetic Magic. The use of objects that represent your desired outcome. As part of a spell casting, you might, for example, turn on your shower to make it rain.
  • Natural Magic. The use of herbs, crystals, and candles to direct energy. This type of magic incorporates the Sun, Moon, and planets.

Fundamental to the philosophy of these types of magic is the concept that anything occurring naturally on Earth – human, plant, animal, stone, metal or element – is alive according to the magical definition. Anything that radiates magical power in any degree is perceived to be alive.

The manner in which different entities are alive, however, is not identical. A stone, for example, is alive in a different way than an animal. Those things that lack life – plastic bottles and mass-produced goods, for example – contain no power, and are of little value in the practice of magic.