Diamonds are the birthstone for the month of April. To celebrate these dazzling gemstones, we’ve rounded up fifteen interesting facts and bits of lore about diamonds’ origins and history: 1 The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that diamonds were tears cried by the gods or splinters from falling stars, and Romans believed that Cupid’s arrows … Continue reading 15 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT DIAMONDS


The diamond symbolizes wisdom and enlightenment, purity and clarity. It provides protection, preserves peace and gives power. In India the diamond, the “invincible stone” was considered the stone of virtue and justice. The ruler administered justice while holding a diamond. The diamonds have been called kings of all crystals, stones of the mind and gemstones … Continue reading THE KING OF ALL STONES: DIAMOND

How To Grow Sweet Peas {April Flower}

No cutting garden is complete without at least one row of fragrant, nostalgic sweet peas. I’ve been growing them for what seems like a lifetime now and each spring as they climb their trellises it’s like seeing my dear old friends once again. What You Will Need Top quality sweet pea seed Potting soil Compost … Continue reading How To Grow Sweet Peas {April Flower}